The Broken Ghost Quest: Apex Legends’ hunt for the second chapter explained

The second hunt is considerably more thrilling than the last one.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

The second chapter of Apex Legends’ season quest may tug at players’ heartstrings. The narrative is divided into a hunt and a story chapter—and both have suspense, injury, and plenty of action.

The second installment of The Broken Ghost takes place in two parts. The “A Legend Falls” hunt has players snipe Prowlers from a distance before infiltrating Hydro Dam to retrieve another piece of the artifact. But that’s not the end. The mission is followed by the “The Detached Chaperone” chapter, which shows how much of a train wreck Octane’s date was.

Here’s everything you need to know about the second chapter.

The hunt: A Legend Falls

Players who had an easy time with Apex‘s first hunt can expect more of a challenge this time around. A Legend Falls is considerably more complex than its predecessor, with different objectives and more weapon choices.

Like its predecessor, the legend roster is constricted. Players can choose any legend other than Revenant and Bangalore for story reasons. This is the first time that Loba can be a part of any hunt and she makes a strong addition to the team.

The hunt kicks off in The Cage, where players must snipe four Prowlers before proceeding. But don’t reload just yet. Once the squad completes the objective, more of the creatures will spawn in The Cage. Clear the area, then look around for loot. A blue body shield and backpack are in the level below and the bottom level houses another purple shield and purple backpack.

After the area is cleared, the objective moves to Hydro Dam. Check out the crates around for some extra loot, including on the top level. Players will notice a downed Wattson as they enter the passage, but she can’t be saved—her injury is an important part of the story. Loot her death box for a valuable gold helmet and check out the containers close to her for an EVA-8 and some accessories.

Once inside Hydro Dam, players must activate three panels spread out across the level—one on the top floor and two on the lower levels. Each panel is concealed behind a door and breaking them will unleash the Prowlers that lurk on the other side. Players should take their time and attempt to clear the area before breaking into the first panel, or else they risk getting overwhelmed.

The other two panels are in narrow hallways and either an automatic weapon or a shotgun can make clearing them quite safe. Don’t forget to loot the area for one of three gold weapons: a Peacekeeper inside the room with the first panel, an R-301 in the rightmost hallway on the lower floor, and a Spitfire in a supply bin close to the exit.

Once the three panels are done, players must move to the outside area to plant a device that will dig out the piece of the artifact. The open part of Hydro allows for more approaches. Players can set up a defensive position above the nearby trucks or try to stand in the center and watch all exits. Once the gadget is done, players must pick up the piece and move across Hydro Dam toward Swamps.

The escape can be tricky, but legends such as Pathfinder, Octane, or Wraith can provide an easy way out for their team. For lone wolves, Loba is an excellent choice. A well-aimed translocator can send players on top of the dropship.

Once the hunt is over, players will obtain the Ruby weapon charm and a piece called the Occipital Hub. More importantly, they also get to read the next chapter in the story and hear all about Octane’s date.

The story: The Detached Chaperone

The second chapter in The Broken Ghost picks up right from where the first left off. Wraith has the unlikely duty of chaperoning Octane during a date with Hammond Robotics’ Yoko, the chief of staff for Cheryl Amacci. She’s the head of Hammond’s legal department and has been present in some of the earlier teasers.

Octane’s date isn’t going well as an intel-gathering operation (or as a date, for that matter), but he manages to bribe information out of Yoko with the promise of an autograph from Bangalore. Loba had a meeting with Amacci to discuss Revenant’s “source code,” the remnants of his head that were stored in the Hammond facility below Skull Town. Hammond teleported the “source code” when Loba triggered the alarm inside the compound and Amacci willingly gave Loba its location—for a price.

Mirage radios Wraith to bring bad news. Wattson has been injured in the hunt. Wraith cuts the date short and teleports Octane back to the base where the legends meet. Caustic displays his affection for Wattson by standing on her bedside and threatening Loba when she says “all that mattered was the Gemini.”

Wraith confronts Loba about Revenant’s “source code,” but the simulacrum appears from the ceiling before she can answer. He knows that the other legends have gone behind his back. “When were you going to tell me there’s a whole world out there where I’m worshipped like a god?” he asks.

The Detached Chaperone is another chapter in Loba’s search for revenge against Revenant, but it builds on Apex‘s pre-existing lore. Amacci, for instance, convinced the Syndicate’s Jacob Young to set Revenant in the Apex Games. The “source code” is a callback to the season five launch trailer, which showed Revenant’s head transported to Psamathe—and fans believed it could be an upcoming map.

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The second chapter sets up strong narrative hooks. Revenant’s reaction is still a mystery and the newly-found information about the source code presents yet another possible cause for conflict between the legends. But Respawn hasn’t given any answers—at least not this week.