The Broken Ghost: Apex Legends kicks off the second chapter in its Season Quest

Players need to retrieve another piece of the artifact to see how the story develops.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends released the second chapter of its season-long quest today. The mission tells the story of “The Broken Ghost” and drags legends into the epicenter of Loba’s plans for revenge against Revenant.

The Broken Ghost uses a combination of lore and gameplay to tell a story that develops in weekly chapters. Each week, the legends must infiltrate Kings Canyon at Night to retrieve a piece of a mysterious artifact in hunts. But it’s not as easy as it seems. The map is guarded by Prowlers, fierce predators that made their way to Apex with Bloodhound’s Town Takeover.

Each hunt follows a simple formula: Get in, get the piece of the artifact, and get out. Players drop into a different part of the map each week and new maps could favor different tactics and legends. After players have successfully extracted the piece of the artifact, they unlock a weapon charm, another part of the artifact, and the next chapter in the story.

The Broken Ghost shows that Loba has a grandiose plan for her revenge on Revenant—a strategy that will require the help of her fellow legends under the condition that they never tell the simulacrum about it. The prologue shows that there’s a snitch hiding among the crew but doesn’t reveal their identity.

The first chapter, The Cranky Clown, takes place in Mirage’s bar after the legends recovered the first piece of the artifact. Bangalore’s distrust of Loba is clear and she proposes that the crew undertakes a little surveillance of their own. One of her leads is a Hammond employee named Yoko, who happens to have a date with Octane the following day. The plan is to have the Adrenaline Junkie gather evidence against Loba.

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The second chapter will likely reveal what happened during Octane’s date and share more information about Loba’s relationship with Hammond Robotics—but not without setting players up for a cliffhanger until next week.

Players who have unlocked the quest can dive into Kings Canyon and experience the story firsthand.