The Broken Ghost: Apex Legends’ hunt for the first piece explained

Here's everything you need to know about the first hunt in the season quest.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends‘ season quest kicked off this week with the first in a series of hunts. In the mission, players must dive into Kings Canyon at Night and find the first piece of a mysterious artifact—and take out dozens of Prowlers along the way.

The story of The Broken Ghost will be told in weekly installments. Players must clear each hunt to unlock the chapter. The season quest is Respawn’s way of blending in lore with gameplay elements and the promise of a new chapter every week is enough to keep the more lore-hungry players busy.

The prologue to the quest became available when season five landed on May 12, but players had to wait a week to dive into the first hunt and retrieve the first piece of the artifact. Here’s everything you need to know about the first mission.

Hunting down the first piece

The first hunt kicks off at the entrance to Artillery. Players must go through the Artillery Tunnel and into the facility to pick up the first piece of the artifact and return safely to the dropship. But the path to the relic is guarded by fierce Prowlers.

Players begin their quest with a P2020 and a Mozambique, white shields, some healing items, and Thermite grenades. The path is fairly straightforward and any player who’s dropped into Artillery at least once will have no problem locating their destination. A handful of Prowlers await, but it’s easy to make short work of them.

The tunnels house some gear, including Hammerpoint Rounds, which make the starting weapons particularly deadly. The first building straight ahead also houses an R-99 and a Mastiff, as well as a fully-kitted L-Star and a gold helmet on the top level. Players can even take a detour to the right side of the map for a golden Spitfire, gold backpack, and purple shield.

Once the legends find the destination, they must set down a device that will dig the piece out of the ground. Setting it down takes a couple of seconds, so be sure to either clear the Prowlers or send out a Mirage decoy to draw aggro from you (they fall for it every time). Once the device is placed, all creatures will become shadows and have considerably less health.

From that point on, it’s about holding that position. Enemies will likely come at you from the front, so it’s easy to set up a kill zone with Thermite grenades, Wattson fences, or Caustic’s gas. There are two Digital Threat sights in the area, going up each flight of stairs, to make sure you land your shots.

Once the artifact is ready, it’s time to grab it and hit the road. Players will need to make a right after leaving the building to find the landing zone on the top floor of a depot. Pathfinder can easily zipline an entire team to safety, but if the robot isn’t on your squad, a quick getaway is in order. Hordes of Prowlers will come in, especially from the front, so be quick to take them out or outrun them, climb up the stairs, and reach the dropship for a safe exit.

Finishing the hunt will unlock the Sapphire weapon charm, a description of the Gemini-XG core you just retrieved, and the next chapter of the story.

Chapter one: the Cranky Clown

The season quest kicked off with the Prologue, “The Duplicitous Snake,” which sees Loba offering her “various talents” to the legends if they help her retrieve parts of a mysterious artifact. She uses dirt on each legend to help make a point. She knows about Mirage’s sick mother and Caustic’s alleged criminal past, for example, and uses that as a thinly-veiled threat.

Loba’s condition is that no one tells Revenant about the plan. “Play this close to the chest,” she says. “If he finds out… it’s not good for any of us.” The prologue ends with a twist of malicious compliance. One of the legends didn’t tell Revenant but wrote to him in a message and the snake’s identity is still unknown.

The first chapter takes place after players get their hands on the first artifact. The legends gather at Mirage’s bar, the Paradise Lounge, for a debriefing. The legends’ distrust of Loba appears to grow—and apparently, no one dislikes her more than Bangalore.

“I don’t know about all of you, but I didn’t sign up to take orders from some two-bit thief when I signed my Legends contract,” she says, angrily. Bangalore’s plan with the rest of the legends is to follow Loba’s lead for now, but to do their investigation on the side—and she has a lead.

Bangalore overheard Loba talking to someone named Yoko from Hammond Robotics about a meeting. It could be the perfect opportunity to gather intel. And luckily, Octane happens to have a date with a girl named Yoko from Hammond Robotics (“Think they know each other?” he says, and it’s not a joke).

“Octane, we need you to find out what this meeting between Loba and Hammond was all about,” Bangalore said. “And I need proof, so she can’t deny the whole thing.”

Hammond Robotics is the company behind Revenant’s creation, but their killer simulacrum went rogue and is now looking for revenge. Revenant is a common enemy to both Loba and Hammond Robotics, which may give rise to an unlikely partnership.

The Gemini-XG

The quest also reveals the description of the Gemini-XG core that the legends recovered in the first incursion.

“Responsible for higher functions and memory,” it reads. “Etchings identify as a ‘XG’ type, of which there are no records. Evidently one half in a rare gemini configuration, it would have required a resonant twin core to function.”

The Gemini hints at the next piece that players need to recover: a twin copy of the capacitor, designed to act alongside each other. The fact that the Gemini is “responsible for higher functions and memory,” however, suggests that whatever the artifact forms is sentient.

It’s possible that Titanfall 2‘s Ash could make her way Apex. With the addition of simulacra to the official Apex lore, players could have to rebuild her as part of the quest. It’s only a theory, however, that takes into account the description of the Gemini and a data-mined Ash Bobblehead charm that was uncovered months ago.