The Old Ways event is now live in Apex Legends

"Our path is made today."

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Bloodhound mains, rejoice. Apex Legends’ newest event, named The Old Ways, is now on the live servers and fans of the battle royale can partake in the limited-time event to dive into Bloodhound’s past.

Duos is back and the game mode is here to stay. With the start of the two-week event, Respawn Entertainment has permanently added the queue to the game. Similarly, the Apex developer has released a permanent map rotation that gives players the ability to play either Duos or classic squads on Kings Canyon and World’s Edge.

Like previous events, The Old Ways event has introduced a slew of new skins to the game. Many of these skins reimagine Apex’s characters as members of Bloodhound’s tribe and can be purchased in the game’s store on a rotating schedule beginning today. Players will also be able to unlock a new Gibraltar skin, as well as a weapon charm and a Longbow skin, for free through The Old Ways event track.

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Respawn has added a new area to World’s Edge as part of Bloodhound’s Town Takeover, named Bloodhound’s Trials. In this area, players will find a large population of Prowlers, vicious four-legged beasts that will drop rare loot.

The Old Ways event ends on April 21, giving fans exactly two weeks to collect new skins before the items are vaulted.