The Broken Ghost: The eighth part of Apex Legends’ season quest is live

And we may find out who the mole is.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Another part of Apex Legends’ season quest kicked off today and it may reveal who the mole really is. Players are now able to read another chapter in the story of The Broken Ghost — if they clear another hunt first.

The story of The Broken Ghost has been drawing to a close, with the final chapter and an epilogue set to release next Tuesday. The story’s development means that fans will likely find out who the mole is — at least according to writer Tom Casiello. “We’ve danced around this long enough,” Casiello said. “Which Legend is the mole? Beat the mission, and find out.”

The identity of the snitch has been a central point in the previous two chapters. In The Oblivious Mole, Revenant hacked into Crypto’s drone with the help of his “little friend,” which raised suspicions that Crypto was the mole.

In last week’s chapter, The Shattered Spirit, Crypto tried to defend himself from the legends’ accusations. Caustic pointed fingers at the hacker and exposed his interest in taking down the Syndicate.

To unlock the eighth story chapter, players must venture into the Air Support hunt, which sets the legends on the chase of yet another piece of the mysterious artifact — which is taking a more recognizable shape as the weeks go by. Chapters five and six contained significant hints to what (or who) the relic is, and players spotted a spoiler on the texture of last week’s piece, the IDCOM frame.