The Broken Ghost: Apex Legends’ hunt for the sixth piece explained

Each quest brings us closer to the mystery of The Broken Ghost.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ season quest puts the legends on the hunt for nine parts of a mysterious artifact. The latest hunt, The Pit, sees players fight off an army of Prowlers to uncover another piece of the relic and unlock the story chapter.

In the latest part of the story, The Oblivious Mole, Revenant shows that he’s more connected than the legends thought. The simulacrum terrorized the crew after receiving a message from his “little friend,” the snitch, and set up Crypto to take the blame.

Hunting for the piece of the artifact can be tricky with dozens of Prowlers on the way. The story chapter also gives out important plot points in the dialogue. Here’s everything you need to know about the sixth hunt in The Broken Ghost.

The hunt: The Pit

The latest raid brings players to The Pit in Kings Canyon. The artifact is buried at the center of the area and players must fight off dozens of Prowlers to get it—and risk getting overwhelmed by the creatures.

The starting loadout contains a Flatline, an EVA-8, and a white body shield. The EVA-8 is surprisingly good at taking out Prowlers. Its eight-shaped spread pattern lets most of the pellets connect with the Prowlers’ hitboxes without much effort.

The hunt kicks off in the outskirts of The Pit. A handful of Prowlers will rush from inside the POI, but they’re easy pickings. The path to The Pit has two supply bins, one with healing items and another with a blue body shield and backpack. Prowlers will rush at you from behind, so keep an eye on the way you came from.

Once inside The Pit, clear out any creatures in the area (the 2x makes it fairly easy) and get ready to dig. Lifeline will send in a care package after the extraction begins that contains a purple body shield, a gold Spitfire, and a fully-kitted Mastiff. Take whichever items you prefer, as well as the Thermite Grenades lying around, and get ready for a fight.

The Prowlers will come at you from more than one direction. There are a handful of Thermite Grenades lying around, which can serve as a fiery barricade. Always being on the move can help you keep your distance from Prowlers, but there are still so many of them that it’s hard not to get overwhelmed. Don’t try to climb into the edges of The Pit, though. Several Prowlers can stand on the ledge at once and they’ll focus on whoever is unlucky enough to stand there.

Picking up the artifact makes the dropship appear and gives players a brief amount of time to evac. Some shadow Prowlers will be on the way to the ship, but they likely won’t do enough damage to keep you out of the fight.

The Pit’s enclosed spaces give an advantage to legends who can control areas, such as Caustic or Wattson. Mirage’s decoy can bamboozle Prowlers, which creates good opportunities to draw some aggro away from players. Other legends can bring some utility to the fight in different ways, such as Bloodhound’s ultimate to pinpoint the Prowlers or Octane’s Stim to put some distance between enemies.

Legends like Loba, however, don’t really add much to the fight. The Pit is so confined that using Burglar’s Best Friend doesn’t help much and the Black Market Boutique isn’t as effective due to the scarcity of items. Her translocator does offer a moderately safe getaway, though.

After a successful extraction, players will receive the Carnelian gun charm, a piece of the artifact called the SCOMP housing, and the next chapter.

The story: The Oblivious Mole

The latest chapter tells the story from Crypto’s perspective. The legends are following their plan of building the artifact on their own instead of handing it over to Hammond Robotics and have shunned Loba entirely.

Crypto and Wattson are assembling the artifact. The pair mention the Faraday Armature, the part obtained in the previous hunt. “I don’t think it belonged to her,” Wattson says. “I think it was retrofitted.”

The hacker is amused by how Wattson treats the artifact. “Boys are loud and obvious,” she responds. “This artifact… it’s very coy. Mysterious. Definitely a girl.”

Crypto calls Wattson a “smartypants,” a term that his mother used endearingly. The hacker moves to pick up the SCOMP housing recovered in the last hunt and sees Gibraltar and Lifeline patching up Octane.

The camaraderie ends abruptly with Wattson screaming. Revenant has hacked into Crypto’s drone and is pinning the engineer against the wall. “Got a new message from my little friend and thought I’d check in with my favorite pack of skinbags,” he said through the drone. Revenant leaves, but not before threatening the legends once more—and the legends are processing what happened.

Only Crypto and Wattson have been around the drone in the last 48 hours, he tells Loba. The legends grow suspicious of the hacker and Bangalore accuses him of being the mole.

Two important elements came to light in the quest in the initial dialogue between Crypto and Wattson. The hacker says that his mother called him a “smartypants,” and Revenant’s informant signed the Prologue as “A. Smartypants.” It’s possible that this is just another one of the legends trying to frame Crypto, however.

Another point is Wattson’s mention of the Faraday Armature and the artifact being a “her.” The Faraday Armature contains the logo of Vinson Dynamics, a company from the Titanfall franchise, which could have great implications about what—or who—the artifact is.

The Faraday Armature made by Vinson Dynamics was likely retrofitted to the artifact and not a part of its original design, which means that Vinson Dynamics had contact with the relic after its fabrication. The artifact is shaping up to look like a head, too, which lines up with Wattson’s “her” remark.

Lastly, the artifact sparked Hammond Robotics’ interest, which means that it relates to the company in some way. While Hammond showed interest in exploring World’s Edge in Apex‘s season four, the artifact likely doesn’t relate to mineral extraction. The company is responsible for the simulacrum program and the creation of Revenant, and the fact that the artifact is shaping up to be a head could hint at another simulacrum showing up in the Apex Games.

The legends are building a robotic head, possibly from a “her” that came into contact with Vinson Dynamics at some point, for instance, when they rebuilt the artifact. The answer to what or who the Broken Ghost is could lie in the Titanfall franchise.