Apex Legends’ latest piece of the artifact may give away the Broken Ghost’s identity

Quest spoilers ahead.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends‘ season quest hid one of its most valuable secrets in plain sight. The latest part of the artifact reveals the identity of the Broken Ghost—but only if you look at it from a specific angle.

The seventh piece, the IDCOMS Frame, is a secure communications processor. It can seem like a normal part of a mechanic construction, but it contains a darker secret. Players spotted some text in the relic and it shows who the Broken Ghost really is, confirming the suspicions about the major plot point just two weeks before the quest ends.

The IDCOM frame’s left side contains some hard-to-spot text near its temple. It spells out “Ash,” the name of a Titanfall 2 character who was also a simulacrum. Although Revenant elaborated on the concept of simulacra, the idea of immortal robots was already present in Apex‘s sister franchise, Titanfall, before Revenant’s release.

Respawn hid clues to Ash over the course of the quests. The Faraday Armature had the logo of Vinson Dynamics, a fictional company that was responsible for rebuilding Ash after Milita pilot Jack Cooper destroyed her in Titanfall 2.

Another hint lies in one of Wattson’s lines in the sixth chapter, The Oblivious Mole. Wattson says that the Faraday Armature was retrofitted and didn’t belong to the artifact in the first place, which seemed to corroborate the idea that Vinson Dynamics altered the artifact at some point—for example, when reconstructing it.

The Broken Ghost is still two weeks away from ending and has another two hunts and three chapters to go. The identity of Revenant’s snitch is still a mystery. But after players spotted the identity of the Broken Ghost, that could be one of the few mysteries left.