The best Wraith counters in Apex Legends

She'll never see you coming.

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Like Octane, Wraith has been one of Apex Legends‘ most popular playable characters for several seasons now. Her combination of light recon with good mobility and strong offensive push potential make her a great all-around pick for a variety of situations. Wraith has been in the game for a long time now, meaning many players have tried her out—and many know how powerful her abilities are.

This can make her frustrating to play against, particularly in the face of her consistently high pick rate among players. While Apex lacks true “counters,” some legends’ abilities fare better against Wraith than others.

Here are the best counters to Wraith in Apex.


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Caustic’s stationery, defense-oriented abilities stand in opposition to Wraith’s high mobility and offensive potential. The way to play Caustic against her is to use his Nox gas to prevent Wraith and her team from using her Dimensional Rift portal. If a Wraith tries to portal away from Caustic during a fight, he can place several traps around the portal’s entrance. If Wraith attempts to come back through the portal, she’ll meet a face full of gas.

Caustic can do the same thing with his ultimate: simply throw it at one end of a portal and wait for Wraith to come back through. He’ll be able to see her as soon as she lands in it, and the slow and damage will disorient her just enough to give Caustic and his team the drop.


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Wattson works much the same way Caustic does when pitted against Wraith. Instead of Nox gas, she can use her Perimeter Security fences to form a triangle or square around one end of a portal, preventing Wraith and her team from going much beyond the portal’s exit. As Wattson is a defensive legend, hanging out in an easily defensible zone while keeping your line of sight on the end of the portal is a great way to draw enemies out and make them easy to kill.


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Revenant is a counter to a lot of legends because of the fantastic effects of his Silence tactical. Hitting a Wraith who’s channeling her Into the Void movement skill will cancel the ability altogether, leaving her stranded and easier to hit. (Note that if she finishes the channel, she can’t be hit while phasing.) This is a great way to rush down a Wraith who was otherwise about to escape.

Revenant also has an easier time sneaking up behind Wraith. Normally, Wraith’s Voices of the Void warns her if an enemy is aiming at her or there are a lot of enemies in the area. If Wraith is standing on a ledge and Revenant is climbing up the wall behind her by himself, however, the voice won’t activate, leaving him free to get the jump on her.


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Seer’s advantage against Wraith lies in his tactical, Focus of Attention. When it hits an enemy, it interrupts all abilities and channels, in addition to other effects. Like Revenant’s silence, hitting a Wraith who’s channeling her phase will cancel it, leaving her vulnerable. Focus of Attention has a large area of effect, which makes it easier to hit a Wraith than with Revenant’s comparatively small Silence.

Wraith also, however, counters Seer. Using that very same phase, she can move quickly through Seer’s Exhibit ultimate without being detected and make it out the other side, preventing him from finding her. Wraith can also place a portal to help her teammates get out of Exhibit in the same way. Wraith and Seer definitely have interesting counterplay potential against each other.


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Like Revenant, Bloodhound is a solid counter to a variety of legends thanks to their extremely powerful Eye of the Allfather tactical scan. Wraith players know to use her phase walk to get out of sticky situations and to navigate to cover to pull off a quick heal or gain a better position. Bloodhound can turn this play on its head by scanning as soon as Wraith exits her phase, pinpointing her location, and continuing the fight. They can also see where a Wraith entered and existed her phase with their HUD’s tracker icons.

Beast of the Hunt grants Bloodhound reduced cooldowns on Eye of the Allfather, enabling Bloodhound to repeatedly scan and therefore negate any positional advantage that a Wraith and her team could make by phasing or using a portal. While Wraith is meant to be used aggressively, so is Bloodhound, allowing a Bloodhound player to beat Wraith at her own tricks.

As previously stated, Apex is unusual in that most of its characters don’t have cut-and-dry “counters.” Instead, the developers intended the combat to be more balanced and thoughtful without the interaction of rock-paper-scissors advantage mechanics. Even so, there are certain legends and certain abilities that do better against Wraith than others. If you’re tired of bald TTV Wraith players giving you a hard time, try one of these characters.