The best Seer counters in Apex Legends

Can you adapt to face this new legend?

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Seer is one of Apex Legends‘ hidden powerhouses. This recon legend is capable of pinpointing enemies through walls and tracking them across large swaths of the battlefield. He’s a more slow, deliberate recon legend who provides a lot of important information for his teammates. In the face of all that information, it can sometimes feel oppressive to play against him.

If you’re wondering who to choose to play effectively against Seer, you’re not alone. Recon legends are some of the most powerful in the game, and with the meta changing as quickly as ever, players are looking for new strategies to counter him.

Here are the best Seer counters in Apex.


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Like Seer, Bloodhound is a recon legend who provides a significant amount of information to their teammates. During Seer’s reveal at EA Play Live, game director Chad Grenier said the gameplay philosophy for Seer was to make him a stealthier alternative to Bloodhound. While Seer is more of a “rat strategy”-type hero who pinpoints others without their knowledge, Bloodhound supports more of an aggressive playstyle thanks to the range and immediacy of their abilities. (Think about how many times you’ve been scanned, then defeated, by a charging Bloodhound and their team.)

It’s these very differences that make Bloodhound an effective counter to Seer. Bloodhound can provide similar information to their team, showing where a sitting Seer might be hiding or waiting for nearby heartbeats. Bloodhound also has the advantage of a more aggressive playstyle: The faster you can rush a Seer and drive his team out of hiding, the more easily you can defeat them. Having your team initiate a quick fight will lead to success more often than allowing Seer to gain a wealth of information on you and your teammates’ position thanks to the tactical cooldown afforded by Bloodhound’s Beast of the Hunt.


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Wraith and Seer have some interesting interactions. In a sense, they both counter each other. Wraith’s Into The Void tactical allows her to move through the area of Exhibit without being tracked. Even if it’s used from the center of Exhibit, Into The Void can get you all the way out of the area in plenty of time while also keeping you somewhat hidden. If you weren’t moving when Exhibit went off and Seer doesn’t already know where you are, this is a great way to escape his grasp.

On the flip side, if Wraith is struck by Focus of Attention, she’ll still be tracked while using Into The Void, which makes it easier for Seer and his team to go after her. If you choose to play Wraith into Seer, it might be good to have another legend off of this list on your team to shore up this potential weakness. In general, aggressive, high-mobility characters do well against Seer.


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Speaking of aggressive, high-mobility legends, Octane is also a potential counter to Seer for many of the same reasons already listed. Even if he gets caught in Exhibit, Octane can simply run outside of its area or rush Seer and his team in an aggressive manner. Though Seer will know where he’s going, Octane’s sheer speed means that whether he’s getting out of the zone or initiating a fight, he can do it faster than Seer.

Octane’s Jump Pad does exactly the same thing, but for his teammates. As long as you have at least a little momentum, a good leap off of a Jump Pad will likely carry you outside of Exhibit’s area of effect or get you away from the effects of Focus of Attention. After you’ve left his area of influence, it will be harder for a Seer to track you, provided you’ve landed in an area where he doesn’t have line of sight.


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Like Wraith, Revenant’s power over Seer comes mostly from his ability to move through Exhibit undetected. Exhibit shows the positions of enemies who are running, but not those who are crouch-walking. Revenant’s passive, Stalker, allows him to move at full speed while crouch-walking. The interaction between these two abilities means that Revenant can move at full speed through Exhibit while staying undetected, enabling him to sneak up on Seer and avoid revealing his position to the opposing team.

Revenant’s Silence also shuts down Seer’s Heart Seeker for its duration. When Silenced by Revenant, Seer has no way to see enemies’ positions other than through his own observation, removing all of the additional information he could give his teammates. When used effectively, Revenant’s kit robs Seer of intel and completely stops him from doing his job.


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Ash is similar to Octane in that she counters Seer through aggressive play and mobility. Her Arc Snare can stop Seer from getting into position to launch a Focus of Attention, preventing him from revealing the positions and health of her teammates. Marked for Death can also indirectly point out Seer’s location from far away, turning Ash into the tracker rather than Seer.

Ash’s Phase Breach works like Wraith’s portal in that even if Ash places it in the middle of Exhibit, Seer can’t see enemies moving through the portal. This makes it easy for Ash to either get her teammates out of Exhibit without being seen or to push Seer directly, giving him less time to determine her position before a fight begins. Ash was explicitly designed to be an aggressive, relentless tracker, and these qualities play well against Seer’s slower, more defensive tendencies.

It’s hard to say that any one character “counters” Seer. At most, there are legends who can play against him more effectively, but the meta will never be solid enough for any one counterplay strategy to become permanent. Anyone who plays well against rat strategy characters or who can escape Focus of Attention and Exhibit quickly has a better chance of surviving an encounter with him. Legends who support an aggressive playstyle and can beat his information hoarding with an immediate onslaught of damage are even better.

If you’re having trouble playing against Seer, you’re not alone. Take one of these legends for a spin and things should improve.