Respawn to gift EA Play Live Jumpmaster gun charm to Apex Legends players with linked Twitch account

The Twitch Drop issue caused some changes to be made.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Following an issue that kept Respawn from giving Apex Legends players that watched the EA Play Live broadcast earlier today an exclusive Jumpmaster charm, the developers have found an easy fix. 

Instead of trying to find a more complicated workaround to give out what was supposed to be limited drop reward for players who viewed the live stream on Twitch, the reward will now be available to any player who has their EA account linked to their Twitch account. 

The charm was designed to mimic the “You are Jumpmaster” pop-up that appears when players get to select their team’s landing spot in Apex. It was listed as a reward for tuning into today’s EA Play Live presentation. 

During the conference, Respawn debuted the season 10 launch trailer, including another look at the battle royale’s upcoming legend, Seer. Game director Chad Grenier talked about the character’s abilities, which also appeared in the cinematic and include a micro-drone that tracks opponents and a heartbeat sensor that triggers when aiming down sights.

Once the event ended, Respawn announced that a technical issue affect the weapon charm’s distribution. Now players simply need to link their Twitch account and the log into Apex to collect their reward.

It is currently unclear how long the Jumpmaster charm will be available to redeem, but you can always just log into the game and check.