Respawn targets major Apex Legends issues with new updates: ‘We share your frustration’

"Steps in the right direction," according to the community.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

A new fix is now live in Apex Legends, aiming to address “major audio and VFX drops” since the launch of season 16 way back in February.

The game has been plagued with multiple issues for a few months now, but the audio problems causing nearby player footsteps to not make any sounds have been one of the bigger topics within the community across all skill levels.

“We share your frustration,” Respawn said in a tweet today. “While this won’t resolve all audio and visual concerns raised by the community, we are dedicated to improving awareness on the battlefield.”

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The snap responses to the tweet seemed to be generally positive, with other Apex streamers like BirnoOCE and HisWattson voicing their approval for “transparency and communication.”

This update coupled with confirmation of a new ban wave on cheaters should continue to further garner good favor with Apex players, who have been increasingly vocal about their displeasure with how things are going in the Outlands lately.

With high-profile streamers and competitors like ImperialHal, Albralelie, and LuluLuvely all speaking out against the current state of the game, this public statement from Respawn is likely looking to stem the tide of negativity surrounding the game right now.

“Be sure to check leaderboards,” said Conor Ford of Apex’s security team at Respawn. “Been hard at work over here with the whole anti-cheat team.”

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With Apex’s season 17 and new legend Ballistic due to release in a couple of weeks, these updates may combine with the upcoming new content to bring some players back to EA’s battle royale.

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