More Ballistic abilities bring the firepower in Apex Legends’ season 17 launch trailer

The arsenal has arrived.

Screenshot via Respawn Entertainment

If Apex Legends fans can expect anything of Ballistic when he enters the game on May 9, it’s that he’ll bring plenty of style and guns to the party with his new abilities. That much is abundantly clear in today’s launch trailer for Arsenal, the 17th season of Apex.

Ballistic’s trailers continue to build out the legend’s backstory, as he makes his debut in the Apex Games after tragedy struck him and his squad in the games’ precursor at the Thunderdome on Kings Canyon. He’s apparently here to keep his son—who bears far more than a passing resemblance to Ballistic’s fallen comrade and brother-in-law, Kit Siang—out of trouble and away from the guts and glory of the bloodsport. But he’s also going to look damn good doing it.

While the abilities of August Brinkman have been previously leaked and subsequently teased in his Stories from the Outlands trailer, the Arsenal launch trailer showed off a far more complete version of everything that Ballistic will bring the games. And it’s all about the guns, baby.

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The smart bullet tactical is still there, as Ballistic uses it to take down Ash in the trailer. It’s still unclear exactly what that fancy-looking bullet will do if you’re hit by it, however. In the Stories from the Outlands trailer, the bullet appeared to stop the weapon of an enemy guard completely. But in the newest trailer, Ash is covered in an electrical effect and her Spitfire manages to fire, albeit wildly as she suddenly can’t handle its recoil.

The new trailer gives players their first official look at Ballistic’s new passive and ultimate abilities as well. In the first fight of the trailer, Ballistic ditches both of his weapons after taking down a full squad. But when Mirage tries to swoop in for a third part, Ballistic manages to pull a third pistol out of his cloak to win the fight. The third gun is probably a nod to his leaked passive ability, which allows him to carry a third gun without any attachments in a weapon sling that he keeps on him.

And of course, a character is nothing without their ultimate. The “Auto Loader” that can be seen on Ballistic’s back is surely his ultimate, which looks like it will give one of his weapons a significant buff—and if the leaks are to be believed, one to his teammates as well, as they likely won’t need to worry about their own ammo while Ballistic’s ultimate is active.

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While we still don’t know exactly how all of these abilities work, Apex players now have a much clearer picture of Ballistic and his abilities than ever before. Just don’t expect all the back flips and stylish bullet dodges to come equipped at the press of a button. You’ll have to figure out those on your own.

Ballistic is primed to engage when season 17 of Apex Legends launches on May 9.


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