Respawn Entertainment plans to stick to seasonal Apex Legends updates

We’re still only half way through season one.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends took the battle royale scene by storm upon its surprise release earlier this year, but the game has since experienced a fall from grace due to a mediocre battle pass and infrequent updates. Respawn Entertainment CEO Vince Zampella personally responded to fans’ concerns, though, and confirmed the developer’s plans for a seasonal content release schedule—much to the dismay of many.

According to Zampella, Respawn Entertainment originally planned to follow this update schedule upon the game’s release in February. The developer will stick to a season-by-season content cycle to avoid overworking its staff moving forward but will likely continue pushing updates throughout the seasons to address bugs or crashes.

Apex’s season one brought with it the game’s first battle pass, a few new skins, and a new playable legend, Octane. There has been a lack of content releases since the season’s start in March, however, leaving many fans of the game itching for patches that include more than just balance updates or quality of life changes.

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Seasons are set to last approximately three months. There are just over 50 days left in season one, meaning fans will have to wait nearly two months for the next large-scale update if Respawn Entertainment carries through with this season-by-season update schedule.

At the same conference, Zampella stated he wants to improve communication with the game’s community from the game’s relatively quiet first season, however, it’s unclear how he plans to do that.