Respawn rolls out Apex Legends patch that should address pesky Pathfinder visual bug

"This is awesome."

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Some annoying Apex Legends bugs are going bye-bye.

Respawn rolled out a patch today to address a few issues that arose after the Aftermarket Collection Event went live. The update should fix a visual glitch that would pop up after using Pathfinder’s grapple, as well as a Crypto bug that prevented players from using weapons.

Unlucky players saw part of Pathfinder’s model on their screen after using the tactical ability, no matter which skin was being used. To fix the issue, players discovered that you could climb onto a wall or vault over an object to immediately remove the visual clutter. But it was still a looming problem that negatively impacted the matchmaking experience.

While this is promising, some players are still reporting the Pathfinder bug in-game. It’s unclear if the patch hasn’t rolled out to all regions yet or if it simply didn’t work for some, if not all, players.

A Crypto bug that stopped players from using weapons after triggering their EMP ultimate while not in drone mode should also have been resolved. And devs moved Performance Display so it doesn’t overlap with the kills and assists overlay in ranked mode.

The Aftermarket event had a rocky start, riddled with several game-breaking bugs. The Sentinel was disabled, for example, after players figured out an exploit to make the sniper fully automatic. And a fix was issued for a Flashpoint LTM bug that caused the ring to spawn on top of players and kill them instantly.