Respawn rolling out fix for hit reg issues in Apex Legends

Thank you.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Respawn producer Josh Medina explained today that a fix for hit registration issues plaguing Apex Legends is on the way. So if your bullets are missing their target, you can only blame yourself.

Hit reg affects the game’s ability to detect if your bullets are hitting your opponent. While Respawn’s solution was deployed on PC first, it should be “rolling onto consoles” as well.

A quick “hit reg” search on the Apex subreddit reveals numerous complaints by frustrated players. The community is reporting various instances of landing shots on their targets without the game registering that they hit. In many instances, you can hear the projectile hit true but no damage is recorded.

The issue began to surface after the season five patch launched earlier this week, introducing tons of new content and changes to the hit battle royale. But Respawn’s dev team was quick to respond, communicating with their fans and issuing a quick fix.

Medina said he’ll be “keeping an eye on things” to make sure everything is “rolling out smoothly.”

Hit reg issues aside, players are enjoying Apex’s latest season. Fortune’s Favor added a new legend, Loba, as well as some major tweaks to the beloved Kings Canyon (RIP Skull Town).