How to play Loba in Apex Legends

The high-society thief has good mobility and a talent for gearing up.

Apex Legends’ latest character, Loba, is the best thief in the Outlands. Her skillset reflects her talents as a cat burglar and combines mobility with the tools to quickly pick and choose from some of the finest loot in the area with the press of a button.

Like other legends, Loba’s kit is comprised of three skills: a tactical, a passive, and an ultimate. By pressing the Tactical button, Loba will toss her jump drive bracelet and teleport to its location once it lands. Her passive allows her to see epic loot or better through walls and at a distance, and her ultimate lets her steal items from afar—reportedly even from death boxes.

Loba has an entertaining, dynamic kit and could be the legend of choice for more loot-hungry players. But to get more value out of the high-society thief, players must understand her strengths and weaknesses and know the best occasions to use each skill. Here are our tips on how to play Loba.

Burglar’s Best Friend

Loba’s jump drive bracelet is one of her strongest devices for her life of crime—and that doesn’t change in the Apex Games. Her tactical skill, Burglar’s Best Friend, allows her to toss her bracelet and instantly teleport to where it lands. She can also interrupt its trajectory and land at any point.

Although Loba’s teleporting can seem similar to Overwatch‘s Sombra, the two play differently. Sombra’s translocator has a quicker travel time and can be left behind, while Loba’s jump drive bracelet has a slower velocity and teleports Loba to its location as soon as it hits the ground.

When using the skill, players can see a white trajectory indicator, as if she was using a grenade, to pinpoint where the disc will touch the ground. An orange trail on the floor representing the horizontal path of the disc is where Loba will land if the throw gets ended early. The bracelet covers approximately an 80-meter distance. While it has good vertical or horizontal mobility, its arcing trajectory can be tricky to figure out if you want to move forward and upward at the same time.

Burglar’s Best Friend allows Loba to get quick mobility when exploring multiple-story buildings or to traverse horizontal distances more quickly. In combat, it can also provide her with a risky, yet rewarding opportunity to flank enemies. And if something goes wrong, it can present an escape opportunity to catch a break. It’s one of her core skills, as pointed out by its name, but there are some caveats to using it.

The skill has lengthy animations both when deploying the jump drive and when teleporting to it. After tossing the device, Loba is helplessly locked in an animation while she observes her ring and the player can only take control of her after she finishes adjusting the bracelet back into place—a risky combination with the bracelet’s slow travel time.

The animations can also throw off a player’s aim when using a quick toss since all movement before deploying the jump drive will change its trajectory. Although the animations aren’t a major concern when using the bracelet to gain vertical mobility in a quiet area of the map, they can down a player if used recklessly in a firefight.

Flanking enemies with the jump drive bracelet can also be tricky. In addition to the lengthy animations, slow travel time, and arcing trajectory, the ability has an audio cue that gives Loba’s position away to nearby enemies. When using it to ambush an enemy team, trying to get up close and personal can instead teleport Loba to the center of an enemy’s crosshairs. The ability also leaves behind a trail similar to Wraith’s In the Void, so enemies that notice it can follow the tracks to Loba’s location.

Burglar’s Best Friend has a series of different uses, but players should be aware of its deficiencies when deploying it. A missed throw can place them in the crossfire or alert enemies if they’re flanking too close.

Eye for Quality

Loba’s passive, Eye for Quality, is a testament to the character’s expensive taste. The ability displays the outlines of all epic, legendary, and heirloom loot within a 78-meter radius. This means that players can spot purple, gold, and red items from afar.

Eye for Quality provides good utility, especially in the earlier stages of a match. It lets players easily see items such as purple body shields, sought-after attachments, and even Phoenix Kits. When entering an area, Loba can head straight for the most valuable loot. But Eye for Quality really shines when coupled with Loba’s ultimate.

Black Market Boutique

Loba’s signature staff is more than just a cosmetic or a vaulting pole in her finisher: it’s also part of her ultimate. The Black Market Boutique lets players pick and choose from all items in its wide radius without needing to move around and loot each of them. It’s a quick and handy way to keep track of all the loot in the area—and to steal precious gear right from under the enemies’ noses.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Activating the Black Market Boutique makes Loba put staff down in the ground and set up shop. The device takes roughly five seconds to arm but will allow players to pick two out of all the items in the Boutique’s 78-meter radius once it’s active. All legends, friendly or enemy, can interact with the device, but Loba can collapse the shop at any point by pressing a button.

The Black Market Boutique pairs well with Eye of Quality since the passive ability lets Loba gauge the quality of the loot around her and decide if it’s worth spending an ultimate charge. Loba can also make use of ultimate accelerants or the Charge Towers in Capacitor to quickly scavenge loot from an area.

Players must be careful when using the ultimate ability in the middle of a firefight. Although the Boutique can be a source of healing items or fully-charged vests, the lengthy animation forces players to use it behind hefty cover. Players shouldn’t forget to collapse the boutique once their squad is done with it to prevent other legends from interacting with it. But if you’re bold enough, you can try to use the Boutique as a bullet sponge. The device has 100 HP—essentially a free gold shield—and can tank a few precious hits, but only if the enemies shoot directly at it.