Respawn reduces XP needed to progress through Apex Legends’ Season 7 Battle Pass

The Battle Pass drew wide criticism from the fanbase when it launched.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Respawn made it much easier to progress through Apex Legends’ season seven Battle Pass. Developers shared that starting today, the amount of experience necessary to get stars will be halved, and challenges “will take much less time to complete” starting next week.

The change comes after the updated Battle Pass drew criticism from a significant part of the game’s fanbase for being too time-consuming and unbalanced.

Starting today, experience points required to obtain stars will be halved: 5,000 XP instead of 10,000. Starting next week, upcoming challenges will also be easier to complete, according to an official tweet.

Respawn revealed a “revamped” Battle Pass in the run-up to season seven, with streamlined progression. Gaining levels in the Pass would require Stars instead of the old Challenge Points. Although the change was initially well-received, Respawn misbalanced the amount of stars necessary to progress through the rewards tracks.

Completing all Daily challenges gives out less than a level, and weekly objectives also don’t yield as much experience, comparatively. In the previous Battle Passes, players would gain one Battle Pass level based on experience earned in matches, starting from 9,000 and capping at 54,000 per level.

The new Battle Pass almost doubled those numbers: instead of a varying rate, Respawn adopted a fixed model that yielded one star (one tenth of a Battle Pass level) for each 10,000 experience earned—almost doubling the amount of experience needed to gain more levels compared to the previous cap.

After today’s adjustments, the season seven Battle Pass will yield one level per each 50,000 experience, roughly in line with the previous cap. Weekly challenges can encourage players to continue diving into Apex, assuming that they will be easier to complete (and Respawn is leaning toward that direction) and possibly yield better rewards as compared to now.