Respawn pushes Apex Legends update to fix multiple bugs

These issues won't be missed.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players can rest easy knowing that several annoying bugs have been addressed in a small update. 

Glitches in games are never fun. Apex Legends players often experience bugs ranging from game-breaking problems to minor issues. Luckily, Respawn released a small update today that should eliminate some of these recurring issues.

An irritating glitch that caused players to be un-readied when changing legends in ranked queues has been fixed. The bug that caused the legend select screen to occasionally be skipped is no more, too. 

Sometimes in rare instances, a bug allowed players to shoot while downed, which provided an unfair advantage to the downed player. This bug was also addressed in the small update, so players should no longer see crawling players firing weapons. 

Revenant’s Silence description has been updated to show the proper duration for the ability and private matches should also be more stable. In addition, the small update introduced “miscellaneous stability fixes” that should improve the overall gameplay experience. 

The Apex community appreciates small updates like these since they can prevent minor inconveniences from impacting the game. The next major update should be included with season 10, which launches on Aug 3. 

Apex season 10, Emergence, will introduce several significant updates like the new legend Seer, the new Rampage LMG that can be charged with Thermite Grenades, and significant updates to the World’s Edge map.