The Rampage LMG’s fire rate can be boosted with Thermite Grenades in Apex Legends

Get ready for intense firefights.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends season 10 is just around the corner. It’ll introduce the new Rampage LMG, which can be boosted with Thermite Grenades to increase its fire rate. 

The Emergence update will bring many exciting changes to Apex, like the new legend Seer, changes to World’s Edge, and the new Rampage LMG. While a new LMG is a welcomed addition to Apex, the Rampage has an interesting mechanic that boosts its fire rate, making it a devastating weapon at close ranges. 

Players can charge the Rampage with Thermite Grenades to make the weapon fire faster and deal significant damage quickly. A fully charged Rampage can easily destroy doors and overwhelm hiding enemies.

This concept is a nice addition to Apex, similar to the charge function for the Sentinel sniper rifle. This time, players will need to use an offensive weapon instead of shield cells. It might be worth allocating more inventory space for Thermite Grenades if you intend to run a Ramage LMG in a match. 

Players can use the new LMG as they explore the updated World’s Edge map, which is receiving updates to the Sorting Factory, Train Yard, and Refinery areas. Rampart mains can also take advantage of the new weapon since her passive ability increases the magazine size and reload speed when using LMGs. Think twice before challenging a Rampart player with a fully charged Rampage at close range.

Apex season 10, Emergence, launches on Aug. 3.