Respawn makes dramatic changes to Wraith, Wattson, and Octane in tomorrow’s Apex Legends Lost Treasures patch

The event will also bring tons of new content.

Apex Legends trick
Image via Respawn Entertainment

Tomorrow’s Apex Legends patch will include tons of new content with the Lost Treasure event, but a major overhaul to a few ability kits may dramatically shift the meta.

Respawn revealed the Lost Treasures patch notes today, detailing specific changes for some of the more overpowered or underwhelming legends. While fans got a taste of Lifeline’s revive buff already, Wraith, Wattson, and Octane also caught the developers’ attention.

Wraith’s “get out of jail free” card will be no more. Players often used the Interdimensional Skirmisher’s tactical ability to escape enemy fire and reposition themselves or heal up. But Phase Walk will now take 1.25 seconds before casting, up from 0.4 seconds. And Wraith will also be slowed by 20 percent while the ability is casting.

To make up for the nerf, Respawn wants Wraith’s Phase Walk to be “more of a repositioning and scouting ability.” The legend will move 30 percent faster and see other players while in the Void. And the tactical will last an extra second longer (four) and have its cooldown decreased to 25. 

Respawn also wants players to “breach” Wattson’s defenses more often. So her Pylons will now have a timer of 90 seconds. To compensate, the Static Defender will be able to place three Pylons at a time and can stack two Ultimate Accelerants per inventory slot. This should force players to put more resources into holding a position, while giving opponents a shot at countering her.

And our favorite Adrenaline Junkie finally got some love. Octane’s tactical ability will now remove movement impairing effects. Pair that with a 10-percent sprinting speed increase and players should now be able to effortlessly stim away from crowd control. The Launch Pad will also let players “double jump in mid-air,” giving you the opportunity to switch directions easily.

The Lost Treasure Collection Event kicks off tomorrow, bringing with it a new game mode and fresh cosmetics.