Respawn investigating issue that prevents players from connecting to Apex lobbies

Skull Town in Arenas may have to wait.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment is investigating another round of outages to Apex Legends services, according to an official tweet. The team acknowledged an issue that stopped players from connecting to the lobby, though there are no additional details on the exact reason behind it.

Accounts of connection problems with Apex have flared up on DownDetector, a website that collects reports from users regarding service outages. Apex Legends Status, an unofficial website dedicated to monitoring the integrity of the servers, also picked up a spike in connectivity issues.

Both pages indicated a small number of reports about other connection problems with Apex‘s servers, but the scale of the issue multiplied exponentially. Reports also show several server outages over the course of yesterday, July 7, which may be related to the issue that Respawn acknowledged.

The outage comes in the final days of the Genesis event, which runs until July 13. Players who are looking to grind the final bits of challenge XP may have to hold off on their task for the time being.

This is the second major outage to hit Apex in the past week. Last Sunday, July 4, hackers took out the Apex servers and inflicted massive disruptions as part of a plea to “save Titanfall” from hackers. Respawn fixed the issue after a few hours.

Respawn recently revealed Apex‘s upcoming Thrillseekers event, which will bring a new Arenas map called Overflow and a series of cosmetics. The event kicks off on July 13, the same day that Genesis ends.

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