Respawn has started pushing content to Apex independent of large patches, data miner says

“While this is bad for leaks, it's great for the game.”

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Data miners have unveiled plenty of Apex Legends content long before its release. That might change, however, after developer Respawn Entertainment implemented a new file system that delivers content outside of large patches, according to well-known data miner That1MiningGuy.

The data miner explained that the new “ePak” system “can receive things while the client is running” and will download them individually instead of in large packages. The change allows the developers to push content more frequently, but will likely only be used for smaller, more specific content such as “store skin rotations, announcements, loading screen updates.” Key alterations like events or game modes should go through in a large patch as usual.

Respawn’s old system delivered content like store skins in a single package, which made Apex prone to data mining. The new implementation allows the developers to deliver content one at a time through smaller, individual packages.

That1MiningGuy said that the change was “bad for leaks,” but “great for the game.” The data miner’s comments point toward a trickle of content rather than a steady stream. Users will likely have to sift through smaller files more often instead of hitting the content mother lode.

It’s unclear how the new system will interact with Apex’s upcoming Grand Soirée, the game’s Roaring Twenties-inspired arcade event. Based on the data miner’s comments, it’s likely that most of the patch will be pushed in a major update, but individual skins on rotation will be downloaded through the ePak system.

If that’s the case, data mining efforts may come in small doses. Luckily, Respawn teased some of the new skins coming with the event. The Grand Soirée starts on Jan. 14.