Respawn fixes bug preventing Apex fans from participating in Grand Soirée event

The festivities have continued.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends fans from around the globe donned their party hats and sparklers in anticipation of the battle royale’s newest event, the Grand Soirée. But PlayStation 4 users began noticing the festivities were absent from the console for the second day of the event.

Respawn Entertainment has since issued a fix for the problem, which prevented the event from showing up in players’ lobby screens after they launched the game on PS4. The first limited-time game mode, event store, and challenge list all disappeared from players’ games even though the event was accessible on launch day.

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“The party’s back on,” Respawn wrote. “The issue preventing the Grand Soirée Arcade Event from showing on PS4 has been resolved. Apologies for the delay.”

The Grand Soirée event ends on Jan. 28, giving fans of the battle royale two weeks to try out Apex’s seven new game modes and collect rewards from completing challenges. Respawn introduced a new challenge system for this event where players can rack up points to earn rewards, such as new legend and weapon skins.

The first rotating game mode of the event, Gold Rush Duos, wraps up by the end of the day today and will be replaced the Live. Die. Live mode tomorrow. Fans can find a full list of game modes coming to the game as part of the Grand Soirée event here.