Rampart spray paints over her signs in new Apex Town Takeover teaser

"Home to the best bloody mods."

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Rampart added her own touch to the signs in Lava City in today’s teaser. The signs first appeared on Sunday, announcing the modder’s move to World’s Edge, and should indicate that a Rampart Town Takeover is on the way.

The sign boasts a series of new messages. It now reads “R’s new place” instead of “Renewal Plaza,” for instance. World’s Edge will also be the “exclusive home to Big Maude,” as per the sign, and a colossal, stylized ship appears on the right, with “mine” written above it. If Rampart follows her tradition of naming objects after people (as seen in her minigun Sheila), this could be Big Maude.

A different sign, closer to Lava Siphon, shows that Rampart tagged it with “exclusive home of the best bloody mods,” in true Ramya fashion. Two nearby flares (one blue and one pink) indicate the locations of the sign. Players can also spot the flags that Respawn Entertainment uses to signal Town Takeovers.

As another detail, Rampart graffitied her logo instead of the modified version that Hammond used—with a circle around the R, resembling Hammond’s own logo—and painted “Hammond Schammond” on the sign.

The series of teasers likely points to an upcoming Town Takeover for Rampart. Based on Respawn’s usual schedule, a collection event could be on the way in the coming weeks, since major patches commonly go live around the halfway point of a season—in Emergence’s case, in mid-to-late September. This could be as soon as next Tuesday, the 14th, or coincide with the midseason ranked split on Sept. 20. Respawn hasn’t yet officially revealed a date, however.

Based on the location of the teasers, Rampart’s Town Takeover will likely overhaul Lava City, one of the least populated points in World’s Edge.

This is hardly the first time Rampart has left her signature on World’s Edge. As part of the build-up to the legend’s release, she spray-painted Kuben Blisk’s likeness throughout the arena, and developers added a graffiti hop-up to the game before her release, available for the Spitfire.