Players encounter mind-boggling visual glitch while dropping in Apex Legends

Get ready for a colorful experience while dropping.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

It’s not everyday that Apex Legends players are left scratching their heads after dropping into World’s Edge. One player shared their experience with a trippy visual glitch that occurred when dropping into the battle royale’s second map.

A player uploaded a clip to Reddit that shows a colorful, confusing visual bug occurring after they exited the drop ship. The glitch obscured all details of the map, preventing the player from seeing where they would land. The in-game audio also appears to be glitched, and the only noise that can be heard in the clip is when the player uses Pathfinder’s emotes.

The same user uploaded a second clip that shows the same glitch occurring while dropping. The second clip is almost a full minute longer and seems to indicate the player is never able to land once the glitch occurs. The visual bug is not as intense in this clip but still limits visibility.

Other players commented on the post and established the bug is affecting entire lobbies.

“I was in this game!” another user stated. “Unless it’s been happening to a bunch of folks. We circled until round 5 only to get disconnected for inactivity.”

This is not the first glitch players have encountered in Apex Legends. Fans recently encountering a teleporting glitch while using Revenant’s ultimate ability and discovered a game-breaking Wraith glitch has returned for season 4.

Respawn will likely fix the issue if entire lobbies continue to encounter the glitch. Until then, fans of the battle royale can follow the developer’s Trello board, which is frequently updated with known bugs and incoming updates.