One of Apex Legends’ most-loved LTMs is finally back during Fight or Fright

Fans have been begging Respawn to make it permanent.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Control, one of the Apex Legends‘ community’s favorite limited-time modes, is back for an entire week during the Fight or Fright Halloween event.

Control is the third LTM to be featured during Fight or Fright and will be available for play starting today, Oct. 18, until next Tuesday, Oct. 25. The mode was previously announced as part of Fight or Fright’s LTM rotation when the month-long event’s calendar was revealed. This Halloween version of Control will feature a new map rotation: Lava Siphon from World’s Edge, Barometer from Storm Point, and Labs After Dark from the event-exclusive “After Dark” version of Olympus.

Control has been around since the 3rd Anniversary event in season 12. It was most recently available during season 13’s Awakening collection event in June. The mode has been one of the most popular LTMs in recent seasons, with fans begging developer Respawn Entertainment to make it permanent. Some have suggested a permanent LTM rotation that includes fan-favorite modes like Control and Solos available to all players. Respawn has not commented on these requests.

Fight or Fright’s iteration of Control will be available until Oct. 25, after which Shadow Royale on Olympus After Dark will take over as the last LTM of the event. Previously, players could participate in Shadow Royale during the first week of Fight or Fright, then Gun Run during the second week. The event will end on Nov. 1, which is also the start date for season 15.

The new season, known as Eclipse, will feature new legend Catalyst, a new battle royale map, the much-requested Gifting function, and more.