Best legends for Control in Apex Legends

Here are our picks if you want to cause some mayhem.

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Apex Legends’ Control limited-time mode doesn’t really play like its Battle Royale or Arenas counterparts. Control is a nine-vs-nine mode where you get points for capturing and holding areas, and some legends that are common picks in other modes (we’re looking at you, Wraith) may not have that much of an advantage in Control.

Since Control favors defense, this means defensive legends like Wattson and Rampart can shine. But since there’s an element of taking bases from enemies, offensive legends can also be extremely handy. And that’s even before you add Mad Maggie to the mix.

Here are the best legends for Control in Apex based on our experience, in no particular order.

Mad Maggie

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Rebel Warlord, newest legend in the Apex Games, and an absolute menace in Control. Mad Maggie can displace enemies and keep the pressure on them. And in a game where holding and taking positions is key, Mad Maggie’s kit comes in handy more often than you’d think.

Her tactical, Riot Drill, can force enemies to move out of cover and generally deny an area. It will also invalidate any Rampart walls if it gets a hit, almost nullifying one of the game’s most defensive legends with the touch of a button.

Her ultimate, Wrecking Ball, sends a ball that displaces into speed-boosting pads and travels forward. If it hits an enemy, it will do 20 damage and push them back. Her pads alone make the ability good to use since they stand around and can benefit the rest of the team.

Her passive, Warlord’s Ire, is nothing to disregard either. It will briefly highlight enemies she shoots, and the indications seem to appear to the entire team in Control (though this interaction might be unintentional). And when there are eight other legends eager for a target, even a brief highlight can give them something to shoot at. Even if it’s a glitch, however, extra move speed when holding shotguns can also help bring the fight to enemies at close range, especially since you can choose loadouts in Control.


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It’s only fitting that Fuse and Maggie would be close to the top for this. Much like Maggie’s tactical, Fuse’s Knuckle Clusters can deny areas and force enemies to reposition. It’s also on a fairly short cooldown and comes with two charges, meaning you can hurl explosives at your enemies fairly constantly.

His ultimate, the Motherlode, can also lock down an area and force enemies to make a difficult choice. Though it may not come as often in Control, the Knuckle Clusters alone can make it worth having Fuse on your team.


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With nine people on each side, information is key. And no legend can get information like Bloodhound. Eye of the Allfather can pinpoint the location of several enemies when defending or rushing, and Beast of the Hunt is just extra firepower (and extra scans). Add to that the large radius on their tactical and you have an excellent tracker conveying information to eight other allies.

Crypto and Seer are also possible options, especially after the hacker’s buff in season 12. The two can gather intel for a team and Crypto, in particular, can be even more defensive when playing at range. Seer, on the other hand, can also pinpoint enemies with his tactical or ultimate. But due to the sheer radius on Bloodhound’s tactical, the Technological Tracker takes the win on that one.

Valkyrie, on the other hand, doesn’t hold up as a recon legend as well. There are limited opportunities to skydive in Control, even when adding in her ultimate, so Valkyrie would take more of an offensive role with a little bit of recon on the side.


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Defense is vital in Control, and this would normally make the unholy trinity of area control legends—Rampart, Caustic, and Wattson—all strong choices. With the changes to Caustic, however, his traps can be destroyed fairly quickly even after activation (they have approximately 150 health). A single legend can destroy a trap fairly easily, and if a squad focuses fire, the barrel will disappear almost instantly (and the gas will dissipate with it). The introduction of Mad Maggie and her Riot Drill can make Rampart’s Amped Cover feel almost irrelevant, and since Maggie is the new kid on the block, odds are every Control team is gonna have three of her. Rampart has more opportunities than Wattson thanks to her Amped Cover, but the prevalence of Maggie means Ramya will have to take a backseat in Control.

Wattson, on the other hand, actually works against Maggie. The Static Defender’s fences aren’t necessarily affected by Maggie’s tactical and they’re still a strong defensive tool in a defensive mode. Her Interception Pylon can also be useful to stop enemy projectiles, though its shield regeneration is rendered slightly redundant with Control’s intrinsic shield regen. Caustic and Rampart are still viable, of course, but season 12 has brought far more counterplay to them and made Wattson a safer pick for Control.


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One squad on a Death Totem can already be a pain. Three of them, on the other hand, can be a torture Revenant would be glad to apply to the other team. Once you get your ultimate, your Death Totem can help push or even hold an area for a little while, stalling the opposing squad and keeping them on their toes. Add to that the Silence’s area of effect in enclosed spaces like the inside of Hammond Labs and some parts of Barometer, and your enemies might just end up walking into a trap they can’t walk out of.


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Backcapping is an extremely effective strategy in Control because it cuts off enemies’ respawns and forces them to fall back to their home base. When backcapping, you want to get to the objective fast—so why not bring in Octane? His Stim will get him from A to B to C quickly, and his Jump Pad can help teams escape or rush into a position.

He’s also one of the quickest ways to get back to a point from a spawn, meaning you can stay in the fight longer and without necessarily having to hunt down a Trident to get there quickly. And if the prospect of bringing him doesn’t exactly spark your interest, then think that Octane doing well in Control is basically his way of getting revenge against his father.