Octane might be the next Apex character to get an heirloom, data miners say

That1MiningGuy and iLootGames think the daredevil could get a knife.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ Octane is the fastest legend in the Apex Games and now he’s chasing an heirloom set. Data miners have found mentions to an Octane heirloom in the game files, and according to them, it could be a knife.

Prominent data miner That1MiningGuy uncovered references to an “octane_heirloom” and “octane_knife” in the files, which point toward the legend getting a new melee weapon.

“Guessing we’ll see this at some point in the future,” That1MiningGuy tweeted. He said the set is the “only one [heirloom] I see other than the ones we already got,” which leads him to believe it could be the next heirloom set.

Data miner iLootGames seems to share that opinion. “Good find by t1mg, looks like we may be getting octanes heirloom next and that it’ll be a knife possibly?” he tweeted.

Heirloom sets are the rarest item in the game. One of the sets is guaranteed to drop every 500 loot boxes, but that doesn’t mitigate its abysmal drop rate. Only Bloodhound, Wraith, Pathfinder, and Lifeline have unique sets so far, and Octane could be the next legend to join that category.

These sets combine a unique kill quip, banner pose, and a melee weapon skin. It’s the only way to get cosmetics for melee weapons and heirloom sets don’t affect melee damage.

Other than the heirloom set, Octane could be getting his own edition of Apex, according to a leak by Xbox. The legend could feature in a special bundle that would give players a legendary skin for the character, as well as other in-game cosmetics.

Respawn hasn’t made an official statement about Octane’s heirloom set. Even though data-mined information can be accurate, players should take the leaks with a grain of salt and understand that what’s in the code won’t necessarily reach the live servers.