NRG’s aceu ambushed by well-hidden Pathfinder in Apex Legends

The robot came out of nowhere.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Stealth can be one of the best ways to gain an upper hand in a firefight in Apex Legends. One player tried to put this concept to the test against NRG’s Brandon “aceu” Winn. The pro was surprised by an incredibly well-hidden Pathfinder on stream last night.

Aceu was streaming alongside Complexity Gaming’s Bowen “Monsoon” Fuller. They were moving through one of the northernmost buildings in Survey Camp, a small house with some low-tier loot and a big pipe on the right side.

After clearing the room, the two pros proceeded to the exit but were shot right as soon as they had a foot out the door. They backtracked to the room, where they found a lone Pathfinder they’d both missed. Aceu took the robot down with a Mastiff, but not before the opponent landed an Arc-Star on Moonsoon.

The move left both players surprised. “I even cleared this,” Aceu said. “Did anybody see this? Bro, he kept blending in with the pipes.”

Moonsoon pinged the Pathfinder’s hiding spot. He was crouching behind a beam on the other side of the pipe. Replaying the clip at 0.25x speed makes it easier to spot the player and he can be seen briefly on aceu’s camera.

Spectators can glimpse the barrel of Pathfinder’s gun around the six-second mark. At normal speed, it’s easy to miss the enemy, even if you know where to look. His position concealed him from both angles. Aceu missed him due to the pipe blocking his view and opening the exit door could have obstructed Monsoon’s perspective temporarily.

Although this is a perfectly valid hiding spot, Apex has encountered a few issues after moving to World’s Edge. Collision glitches allowed players to hide inside certain rocks in the game. The bug made an accidental return earlier this year, which gave players the chance to exploit it once again.