Apex Legends glitch lets players hide inside rocks

The bug seems to allow players to avoid taking damage when behind the rock.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends season three introduced World’s Edge, a new map that uses the varied landscape of icy terrain and molten lava to create a truly unique experience. Despite the map’s relative success, though, it comes with its fair share of glitches.

One Apex player shared a bug on Reddit yesterday when he discovered his opponent ducking in and out of a rock to avoid detection and damage.

The player initially saw an enemy Pathfinder firing at this teammate before disappearing inside of a rock. When the player tried to shoot the robot after he fled into his hiding spot, the damage didn’t register since the bullets made contact with the rock instead.

“He’s glitching, yo, what the fuck?” the player said. “He’s in the rock.”

The player was still able to take out the Pathfinder and win the game, likely because the enemy was unable to shoot back from his firing spot.

Another player explained that there are several areas on World’s Edge that suffer from the same glitch.

“There’s a few rocks in the new map that don’t have colliders so you can just walk through them,” the player said.

Respawn hasn’t acknowledged the map glitch on its Dev Tracker yet. But if this continues to be a pressing issue, it’ll likely be fixed in the next patch.