New chat logs reveal Lifeline risked her career to supply Octane with bionic legs

The Adrenaline Junkie returns to his hunt for the ultimate adrenaline rush.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment released a new series of text messages between Octane and Lifeline today, giving Apex Legends fans an in-depth look at the friendship between the two characters.  

After losing his legs to a failed Gauntlet run, Octane shows up at the hospital where his friend Ajay Chey, otherwise known as Lifeline, works. The combat medic puts her career on the line after finding a job offer addressed to Octane from his parents, the CEOs of Silva Pharmaceuticals, and forges a medical order to get the adrenaline addict a new pair of bionic legs.

Octane’s hospital visit didn’t last long, however. Soon after receiving his new limbs, he ditched the facility before doctors could get a chance to run tests on his new prosthetics. After his departure, Lifeline discovered she’s been tricked—the letter from Octane’s parents was faked by Octane to guilt-trip the medic into following through with the order.

The chat log ends in classic Octane fashion with the Adrenaline Junkie laughing at his own jokes and rambling on about jump pads before Lifeline blocks him from the conversation.

This series of back-and-forth messages aren’t the first time Apex fans have gotten a glimpse of Octane’s background story before he entered into the Apex Games. Octane’s bio tells of how he lost his legs attempting a new Gauntlet course record with the help of a grenade—a trick pulled off by a Titanfall 2 speedrunner. It wasnt until Lifeline helped him get back on his feet that he could continue his pursuit of the ultimate adrenaline rush.

Lifeline received her own bit of lore in the form of a letter sent by her “#1 fan” earlier in the year. The letter describes how Lifeline saved a mercenary from the edge of Prairie Canyon, allowing him to give up his life as a killer and adopt one of an artist instead.

Respawn has slowly released content in the form of short videos, death certificates, and even a dating log over the past few months since the battle royale’s release. Only a few characters, including Gibraltar, Bloodhound, and Wraith, remain before each Legend has received their own piece of lore.