Mirage’s mother Evelyn leaves him a message as an Easter egg

It's inside the Mirage Voyage (on Kings Canyon).

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Mirage’s mother left him a voice message as part of an Apex Legends Easter egg discovered today. Investigating the Holographic Tricker’s phone in the Mirage Voyage shows an important message from Evelyn Witt—including a significant revelation for Titanfall fans.

In the message, Evelyn seems to forget important information, including her birthday and the whereabouts of her sons—who all disappeared during the Frontier War, with the exception of Mirage. She also reveals that the Witts are related to a character from Titanfall.

“I had a dream the other night," Evelyn says. "Everyone kept telling me I'm dying. Except Uncle Droz—miss my brother. And Davis.”

Droz is a member of the 6-4 who appeared during Titanfall 2 when he and his brothers in arms helped pilot Jack Cooper hijack the IMS Malta to recover the IMC's Fold Weapon. Mirage's older brothers likely followed in Droz's footsteps and joined the Militia during the Frontier War and went missing in action.

The voice memo highlights Evelyn's decline due to an unknown degenerative disease. She forgets her birthday and at one point during the message forgets she's talking to Elliott, referring to him in the third person. Despite that, she seems to remember some details—including Mirage's second anniversary of the Apex Games and that Elliott started talking about a girl (presumably Rampart).

The message is a nod to a similar Easter egg from 2019, which was also located near the Mirage Voyage. To trigger the voice memo, players had to interact with a phone, which would trigger a message from Elliott to his mother.

Players who try to find the Mirage Voyage to listen to the Easter egg for themselves shouldn't look for it on World's Edge. The ship has moved to Kings Canyon, possibly ahead of the season eight map update. Apex's first arena will be available in the rotation until Jan. 21.