Mirage Twitch Prime skin leaks ahead of release date

The skin apparently dresses the character in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

St. Patrick’s Day usually evokes imagery of green attire and overpriced drinks, but this year, it may just remind players of Apex Legends.

Data miner iLootGames uncovered Mirage’s upcoming Twitch Prime skin. It dresses the character in green and orange with plenty of four-leaf clovers in his apparel, and it’s a likely nod to the traditional Irish celebration.

iLootGames gave us a still of the upcoming cosmetic. Mirage’s hair, face, and scarf take on a red-orange shade, while the rest of his attire is dyed green with gold inlays. Some of the motifs are normally associated with Irish folklore, and the green-and-orange reflects the country’s flag.

Its likely release date is also close to the Irish holiday. Apex’s most recent Twitch Prime skins—for Revenant and Caustic—became available on Feb. 7 and Jan. 16, respectively. Assuming Mirage’s cosmetic follows that timeline approximately, players should be able to wear it on St. Patrick’s Day, which is celebrated on March 17.

To redeem Twitch Prime rewards, players must link their Amazon Prime account to Twitch, and then connect it to their EA account on the corresponding platform. The latest Twitch Prime skin for Apex was Revenant’s Gilded Rose, which will remain available until March 19.

It’s likely that both the Gilded Rose and Mirage’s skins will be eligible as Twitch Prime rewards simultaneously, but only during a brief window of time. Players who wish to acquire both should keep their eyes peeled—but they can get a head start by redeeming Revenant’s skin immediately.