Apex Legends Geometric Anomaly Caustic skin now available for Twitch Prime users

Claim it before the offer ends next month.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Twitch and Respawn Entertainment have teamed up once again—but this time, they’re bringing Apex Legends fans a new skin every month until the end of the year. The second skin in the year-long partnership, Geometric Anomaly Caustic, can now be claimed by fans of the battle royale with a Twitch Prime subscription.

The Epic skin features Caustic in a red version of his base outfit lined with white and yellow accents. As the name Geometric Anomaly may suggest, the outfit’s design is highlighted by red triangular patterns resembling fangs on the base of his tunic.

To unlock skins, fans of the battle royale will need to first ensure they have an active Twitch Prime subscription. After doing so, users will need to click on the crown icon on Twitch’s homepage and choose the Learn More option underneath the Apex Legends banner. Once users have successfully claimed the skin, it will appear in their skin collection in-game.

Caustic’s Geometric Anomaly skin first appeared in leaked images discovered by data miners after new game files released as part of the recent Grand Soirée event update, which arrived on the live servers earlier in the week.

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Apex fans will be able to claim Caustic’s Twitch Prime skin until the offer ends on Feb. 17. As part of Twitch’s partnership with Respawn, there will be a new offer every month throughout the year, so fans of the game will want to make sure to check back periodically for new skins.