How to use advanced movements in Apex Legends

One Apex Legends fan shares his guide to pulling off high skill-cap techniques.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

All first-person shooters require advanced mechanics to reach high-level gameplay, and Apex Legends is no different. For fans struggling to achieve that perfect bunny-hop, one fan has the answer.

An Apex player created a guide that explains every advanced movement technique in the battle royale.

In the video, YouTuber Mokeysniper uses a keyboard overlay to highlight the keys he uses to land moves like bunny-hopping, air strafing, and wall jumping.

Casual Apex players discouraged by the difficulty of the moves can ease into them, one step at a time. Mokeysniper begins by going over the basics, like sliding and jumping, before getting into more complex techniques.

Once players have mastered the easier techniques, they can transition into more difficult ones. Bunny-hopping, for example, allows players to hop around the map while sliding and is useful for quicker movements downhill. Apex players previously used the technique to move while healing, before Respawn’s development team patched it out.

Another important technique is air strafing. Essentially, players can alter their direction mid-air to create unpredictable yet precise movements. “You can use it to turn around a corner, correcting little jumps, or even avoid obstacles,” Mokeysniper said.

The wall jump, which is one of the most useful techniques discussed in the video, allows players to jump up a wall and then hop off it to reach higher terrain and scale obstacles quicker.

To do this, simply slide jump into a wall and then press jump a second time at the highest point. Skilled Apex players use this technique to surprise opponents or to move around the map more efficiently.

For players looking to take their Apex mechanics to the next level, you’re only one bunny-hop away.