Apex Legends players can still bunny hop heal after Patch 1.2 with Octane

Bunny hopping was a huge mechanic in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends trick
Image via Respawn Entertainment

Whether you hated it or loved it, bunny hop healing in Apex Legends was an important skill to learn if you wanted to become extremely good at the game. In Patch 1.2, Respawn Entertainment removed it from the game. Some players, however, have found a way to continue bunny hop healing past the recent patch.

Bunnyhop healing was an essential tool in the arsenal of a really good Apex player. Usually, when you heal, your character is slowed a significant amount to make players choose the right time to heal and the right time to recover. Healing is relatively fast but it does leave you open to ambushes and attacks from other players.

This wasn’t the case for some pro players, though. Seasoned first-person shooter veterans figured out that bunny hopping was possible in the game and it also allowed characters to heal while moving quickly across the battlefield. Respawn didn’t like that bunny hopping disrupted the game balance with healing so it was ultimately patched out.

Players have once again figured out once again that bunny hopping still exists in Apex but only with certain characters, however. The main character who can still do it is Octane, thanks to his tactical ability, Stim. This ability goes completely against the speed debuff that Respawn placed into the game to prevent bunny hopping.

In fact, any character with a speed-up in their kit—like Bangalore and Bloodhound—can still bunny hop heal, albeit with a bit more effort. Watch this video by YouTuber QuakeV to figure out the specific mechanics behind the new bunny hopping. You can expect Respawn to find another way to patch bunny hopping in its next updates, however.