How to play Wraith in Apex Legends

Hone your skills with the Interdimensional Skirmisher.

Image via Respawn

Wraith has remained one of the most popular characters in Apex Legends since the battle royale launched in February. From her extensive backstory to her unique playstyle, the Interdimensional Skirmisher is frequently picked—and with good reason. The DPS legend can be one of the strongest characters to choose when players take full advantage of the legend’s kit.

Wraith uses her abilities to travel through dimensions, hiding from enemies and allowing allies to travel through portals to quickly rotate to different areas of the map. Wraith can be difficult to figure out at first, but with enough practice, players can use her abilities in succession to catch opponents off-guard and dish out massive damage.

Voices from the Void—Passive

With her passive ability, Wraith will occasionally hear voices alerting her of her surroundings and nearby enemies. Voices from the Void won't reveal an enemy's exact location but will repeat information to Wraith including when an enemy has targeted her or if there's a sniper in the area.

Only Wraith can hear the voices, so players will want to make sure they're communicating with their teammates when the passive ability is triggered. Respawn Entertainment has included a shortcut key players can press whenever a voice speaks to Wraith to automatically signal their teammates of the incoming information.

Into the Void—Q

One of Wraith’s largest strengths lies with her Q, which grants her temporary invisibility and invincibility. The ability lasts three seconds, allowing Wraith to move faster. Into the Void comes with a hefty 19-second cooldown, however, so players will want to make sure they're using the ability sparingly.

The ability cannot be canceled and Wraith cannot shoot while in the void. Likewise, enemies can still see a slight outline of Wraith while she's invisible, so Wraith players will want to be on guard when coming out of the ability.

Dimensional Rift—Ultimate

Wraith’s ultimate ability places a portal that allows players to travel short distances. Wraith opens the portal and can then choose where the portal ends with the ability's second cast, but she must first travel to a separate location to place the second portal's end.

Wraith only has a limited amount of time to place the portal, as is indicated by a yellow energy bar while casting the ability. During this casting time, Wraith is susceptible to enemy attacks, so players must be sure to carefully choose when and where to place portals.

Both Wraith and her teammates can use the portal once she sets one down, but the portal can also be used by enemies. Players can use the portal to flank opposing squads, avoid taking damage, or to safely rotate to other areas of the map. Portals last for 60 seconds and can be entered from either side. The longer the portal, the longer it takes for players to travel from one point to the other—although the travel time is relatively quick regardless.

To fully take advantage of Wraith’s abilities, players should know the best locations within their vicinity to place portals. This skill requires both knowledge of the map and situational awareness. Wraith can also use her abilities in succession, casting her Q while placing portals and allowing her a few seconds of safety.

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