How to play Crypto in Apex Legends Mobile

Big brother is watching you!

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Mobile is turning out to be one of the best battle royale games featuring a vast array of characters and unique abilities. While some of the Legends are common between the mobile and PC/console versions, a few exclusive characters are only available in the mobile game. Apart from that, most of the game’s mechanics are identical to their PC counterparts. New Legends are introduced every season in Apex Legends Mobile. You need to understand how their abilities work to master these characters.

Crypto is the latest Legend to be added to Apex Legends Mobile. His abilities are a little different from the PC/console version. Classified as a Recon class Legend, Crypto uses his brilliant hacking abilities to reveal enemy locations. Crypto’s abilities are designed to frustrate the enemy, and you can often clutch 1v3 situations with this Legend. Crypto’s abilities revolve around his Surveillance Drone. In Apex Legends Mobile, it follows the player revealing opponents for a short time. So, if you want to learn how to play this Legend, we have you covered.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help players master Crypto in Apex Legends Mobile

How to master Crypto in Apex Legends Mobile 

In Apex Legends Mobile, the developers redesigned the functionality of Crypto’s Surveillance Drone. The Drone can automatically follow Crypto, and reveal enemies close by for a brief period. This massive change allows players to stay mobile and on-guard while using Crypto’s Drone. Similarly, Crypto has a set of unique Perks that offer various tactical advantages to the character. Since he is a Recon class Legend, Crypto can also scan Survey Beacons to reveal upcoming zones.

Passive: Neurolink

Crypto’s Passive Neurolink allows players to detect enemies and traps within a 30-meter radius and mark them for their teammates. Every time you use the Surveillance Drone, it reveals all the essentials nearby. This makes it easier for players to plan their path while rushing an opponent team. For instance, if you are pursuing an opponent, Crypto’s Drone will reveal any traps left in the path. This makes him the perfect Legend to counter characters like Caustic.

You can also use Crypto’s Surveillance Drone to scan Survey Beacons. The Salvage Operation Perk allows players to collect fallen teammates’ banners by reviving them. This feature becomes highly effective when your teammates died, and you are outnumbered. Quickly send the Drone to the Respawn Beacon to bring back your squadmates instantly.

Tactical: Surveillance Drone

You can use Crypto’s Surveillance Drone in two ways in Apex Legends Mobile. You can select the Auto option to allow the Drone to follow you or use the Hover mode to let the Drone stay paused mid-air. Players can also pilot it manually by selecting the Control option and recall the Drone by selecting the Recall option. Switching between the Auto and Hover mode is entirely situational.

Crypto needs to remain stationary while manually controlling the Drone. This means players are left vulnerable when maneuvering the Drone manually. The Hidden User Perk comes into play here, as it makes Crypto semi-transparent while using the Drone. We recommend hiding behind a cover while using the Drone manually. Crypto’s Surveillance Drone can be destroyed by enemies and has a 40-second cooldown timer.

The Drone doesn’t take any damage from the zone, which makes it the perfect recon tool. You can effectively gatekeep enemies by positioning at the circle’s edge and letting the Drones scan opponents rotating towards the zone. You can also use the Drone to revive teammates or scan the Survey Beacon instantly.

Ultimate: Drone EMP

Crypto’s ultimate ability uses the Surveillance Drone for an EMP blast that damages the opponent’s shields, slows them, and disables traps. On top of that, the Shut Down Perk gives Crypto mains the ability to deal HP damage to opponents with the EMP. Although the damage isn’t enough to knock down or eliminate the enemy, it’s enough to give you an advantage.

For example, players can effectively push an opposing squad using Crypto’s ultimate ability and quickly move in to engage them while they are damaged. The EMP is exceedingly powerful, and we recommend using it in proximity to as many enemies as possible to deal maximum damage. Likewise, the Restart Perk repairs Crypto’s Surveillance Drone or reduces the Ultimate’s cooldown by 30%.

These Perks take Crypto’s abilities to a whole new level, making him one of the strongest Recon characters in Apex Legends Mobile. You can unlock these Perks by playing more games with Crypto and leveling up Legend Mastery. Crypto has nine Perks in total, and we recommend unlocking all of them to have options while building your loadout.