How to get Forge’s weapon charm in Apex Legends?

The legend might’ve died, but he left something behind.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The big and brawny Forge may be gone, but he won’t be forgotten.

Respawn revealed a short trailer today that was supposed to be an ordinary interview between Outlands reporter Lisa Stone and James “The Forge” McCormick. The mysterious Revenant had other plans in mind, however, stabbing the upcoming legend in the back before the broadcast abruptly ended. And now, players can pick up Forge’s weapon charm from the scene of the crime, according to Apex Legends data miner iLootGames.

To get the “Steel Cut” Commemorative Charm, players need to travel to the Sorting Factory and visit the interview set. There, you’ll be able to loot Forge’s deathbox and pick up the weapon cosmetic.

But be careful. You may run into hordes of other players trying to get their hands on the charm as well.

A description of the weapon charm explains that this is the “perfect way to pay your respects to the fallen favored son of the Outlands,” who was “never defeated except for the one time.”

Forge’s “death” likely hints that Revenant will be the new champion hitting the Outlands in season four: Assimilation. But with the next season being broken up into two splits, Respawn can potentially still release both legends.

Assimilation is slated for a Feb. 4 release.