How to collect Compute Nodes in Apex Legends Neon Network

Free rewards are at your fingertips.

A player in Apex Legends holds a Node Tracker during a gunfight. There is a highlighted area in front of them that the tracker is pointing towards.
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The Neon Network collection event is now live in Apex Legends, and one of the key changes that it introduces to the event format is in the method that its free rewards are obtained: finding and collecting Compute Nodes.

Neon Network has added Compute Nodes, an event-exclusive currency that can be obtained via non-ranked Battle Royale matches to spend in a dedicated reward shop. Many of the available rewards are similar to those previously available via the reward tracker that prior collection events had, but there are a few newcomers as well. There are badges to unlock that come packaged with new radio plays, legend-specific Apex Packs, and some Epic cosmetics for Loba and the R-301.

Unlike the challenges of the past though, you’re going to need to put in a little bit more work to get your hands on the Compute Nodes that you need to claim these prizes for yourself. Here’s our guide on how the system works, where to find Compute Nodes in your battle royale games, and the scale of the grind that awaits you.

Where to find Compute Nodes in Apex’s Neon Network event

Compute Nodes are found in non-ranked Battle Royale matches for the duration of Apex Legends’ Neon Network event, which runs from July 25 to Aug. 8.

When you first drop in to any of the Battle Royale maps, you will automatically have a Node Tracker in the survival slot in your inventory that you can equip at any time. When holding the Node Tracker, its display will point you in the direction of the nearest Compute Nodes. Follow the Node Trackers directions until you see a small circular area highlighted in blue on your screen.

Once you enter this circle, the Node Tracker will begin to hack into the location. This hack doesn’t take long to perform—about two seconds—but be wary that the battle around you won’t stop. You should only try to loot these locations when you’re safe. Once the hack is completed, you will be awarded with a bundle of Compute Nodes and a high rarity loot tick.

This will also consume your Node Tracker, and we’ve discovered that you are unable to pick up any additional Node Trackers if you happen to find one on an enemy deathbox.

On our first successful hack of one such location, we were given 880 Compute Nodes in total, so the system is quite generous with its handouts. Compute Nodes drops in subsequent matches handed out 875 instead, so it’s important to keep in mind that the amount can vary a bit per instance. The loot tick also happened to contain a gold backpack and an L-STAR—it’s fair to say that looting these spots with a bit of luck on your side might give you an excellent start to the match too.

You are able to earn Compute Nodes this way up to five times per day. Depending on the variation you get with how many Compute Nodes you earn per drop, that means you’re looking at something in the ballpark of 4300 to 4500 Compute Nodes a day if you use up all of your Node Trackers.

How to use Compute Nodes in the Neon Network reward shop

The reward shop for the Neon Network event in Apex Legends. Eight rewards are displayed on the screen, as well as four unlockable badges.
The reward shop has a variety of goodies in this event. Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Compute Nodes are spent in the reward shop tab on the main menu. Here, different free rewards are available for purchase via the Compute Nodes currency. While the available banner frame and holo-spray will only cost you 3000 Compute Nodes, the more sought after rewards such as the Epic Loba skin will cost you up to 7000 Compute Nodes.

To use your Compute Nodes, just select any reward that you have enough nodes for on the left hand side of the screen and unlock that reward in the following screen.

With the Neon Network event also running in parallel to A Thief’s Bane and Kill Code—two of the largest story initiatives from Apex since Broken Ghost—there is some lore content unlocked through here as well. At different milestones of total Compute Nodes earned, players will earn event badges. The first three of these event badges (unlocked at 5,000, 10,000, and 20,000 Compute Nodes respectively) will also unlock a radio play for you to access following the exploits of Loba and Crypto.

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It’s worth noting that any Compute Nodes that you do not spend before the Neon Network event leaves Apex on Tuesday, Aug. 8 will be deprecated and removed from your account. Spend them when you have them because there is no value in holding onto them for the future.


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