A fix to the hitbox on Wraith’s new skin is coming “real soon,” according to Apex design director

Jason McCord also explained what caused the bugged hitbox.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The bug with Wraith’s hitbox in Apex Legends may be close to an end.

Design director Jason McCord said an ultimate fix to the glitch should come “real soon.” Wraith’s latest event skin has a self-generated hitbox that can register hits as a false positive and disabled headshots on her altogether.

Fixing the hitbox on the Marble Goddess cosmetic requires two updates: a server-side one that players don’t need to download and a client patch that contains new information. The first adjustment reached the servers on the same day that the Wraith skin was released, but the patch to players’ clients is “coming real soon,” McCord said.

The issues with Wraith started after Respawn missed an entry in the model settings, which removed the cosmetic’s hitbox, according to McCord. The game autogenerated a rectangular hitbox that doesn’t match the character. “We should have caught this in testing,” McCord said. “That’s on us 100000%.”

Respawn pushed a server-side fix on the same day that the skin was released. It mitigated some issues, such as the removal of the headshot hitbox. But since the client and the server are out of sync, players started getting no-registration issues where shots appear to land but don’t cause any damage.

“This means you actually MISSED the real hitbox, and hit the old bad one. And the server knows it,” McCord said. “So, at the very least, if you’ve been getting no-reg on Wraith, you’ve been actually missing those shots.”

McCord also said Respawn could have disabled the cosmetic but chose not to because people paid real money for it. “In hindsight, we probably should have done that,” he said.

The Marble Goddess cosmetic is a part of the Lost Treasures collection event, which kicked off last week. It added a series of cosmetics with a treasure hunter theme, such as Wattson’s Outlands Explorer and Revenant’s Relic of Death skins.