Fuse, Horizon, and Caustic wombo combo unlucky Apex player

It begins.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

It was only a matter of time before Apex Legends players used Fuse to pull off a destructive wombo combo.

One unfortunate player posted a video earlier today showcasing a costly mistake. When going to loot a care package, the player faced the wrath of Fuse, Horizon, and Caustic ultimates.

“Oh, no,” the player said as realization sunk in.

The play began with Fuse’s Motherlode, which surrounded the player in a ring of fire. Horizon then held the player in place with Black Hole, while Caustic’s Nox Gas Grenade and raining bullets ate away at their health.

The mayhem then cuts off abruptly with the hilarious message: “I died.”

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Fuse’s ultimate is a powerful tool that combos well with other legends, like Bangalore, Gibraltar, Caustic, and Horizon. But there’s still one clear counter. Wattson’s pylon can destroy the Explosive Expert’s tactical and ultimate ability, potentially erasing his effectiveness in certain situations.

Apex season eight, Mayhem, went live yesterday, introducing Fuse, a slew of loot pool changes, a new battle pass and weapon, and tweaks to Kings Canyon.