Everything we know about Apex Legends’ new game mode: Armed and Dangerous Evolved

A new and dangerous twist for a returning favorite.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Respawn is putting a new spin on a fan-favorite with a new limited-time mode Armed and Dangerous Evolved, which will launch on June 23 as part of Apex Legends’ Lost Treasures Collection event. 

The familiar rush of the split close/long range action is coming back in this game mode where players can only use a sniper or shotgun. And this time, the only armor available for all players is Evo Armor.

Players will drop with the Evo Armor as the usual Blue, Purple, and Gold armor will not be available at all in any Armed and Dangerous: Evolved lobby. This means players will need to fight if they want to reach the higher armor tiers. 

General loot spawn rates are still being reduced, leaving players more prone to running into other players while trying to arm themselves for the fight ahead. 

Along with those changes, Respawn Beacons are being completely removed from the map. But a new item, the Mobile Respawn Beacon, is being added into the game and every player will have one in their inventory to start each round in the new game mode.

The Mobile Respawn Beacon is used to call down a mini-Respawn Beacon nearly anywhere on the map, so players can still use a squadmate’s Banner Card to bring them back into the fight. It will drop in via satellite and needs landing clearance (similarly to Lifeline’s care package) to hit the scene. 

The new item will only be available in Armed and Dangerous Evolved until the end of the event when it will be added into regular loot pools in Public and Ranked matches. 

The Lost Treasures Collection event will run from  June 23 to July 7, meaning players will have two weeks to get all of the loot and enjoy Armed and Dangerous Evolved before it shuts down.