Everything in the Apex Legends Mobile Cold Snap battle pass

Get ready for some chilly gear.

Loba stands in front of the Climatizer POI on World's Edge.
Image via Respawn

The first major content update for Apex Legends Mobile is a chilly one. The Cold Snap event plants the Climatizer town takeover on World’s Edge, introduces the new Shotguns and Snipers limited-time mode, and adds Loba to the game’s playable roster. There’s enough content that new and returning players alike will have plenty to work toward.

The biggest part of the new update is arguably the themed battle pass, which contains plenty of wintry rewards for players to attain. There are three tiers and 50 levels’ worth of rewards, meaning it will likely take fans the entire duration of the event to snag everything. Players who want to maximize their drops can purchase the premium or premium plus upgrades, similar to the PC and console version of Apex Legends.

Here is everything in the Apex Legends Mobile Cold Snap battle pass.

Standard battle pass

  1. Two Loba fragments
    • Legend fragments can be combined to unlock a legend for play. Upon reaching level 25 of the standard battle pass, players will have enough legend fragments to unlock Loba. If left unused at the end of the season, they will be converted into legendary fragments.
  2. Lifeline Cold Snap wins tracker
    • Wins trackers can be attached to legends’ banners and show off how many matches players have won during Cold Snap with that particular legend.
  3. Bloodhound Cold Snap wins tracker
  4. 20 Flux currency
    • Flux is similar to crafting metals from the PC and console version of Apex Legends and can be used to craft banners, trackers, and more.
  5. Fade Cold Snap wins tracker
  6. 20 Flux currency
  7. Mission card
    • Missions cards enable players to complete season missions and work toward even more rewards and XP.
  8. Gibraltar holospray
    • Holosprays can be thrown down during matches as colorful beacons and markers of progress. This rare spray features Gibraltar and reads, “Try and move me”.
  9. Two Loba fragments
  10. Mirage Go with the Floe skin
    • This rare skin gives Mirage some snowy white face paint and decorates him in arctic camo.
  11. Mission card
  12. Bangalore Cold Snap wins tracker
  13. Two Loba fragments
  14. Wraith Cold Snap wins tracker
  15. World’s Edge train weapon charm
    • Weapon charms can be attached to guns to show off your flair. This rare charm is shaped like the train that resides on World’s Edge.
  16. Mission card
  17. Two Loba fragments
  18. Mission card
  19. 20 Flux currency
  20. Cold Turkey Alternator skin
    • This rare skin looks very similar to Mirage’s arctic camo and turns the familiar SMG into a wintry whirl of bullets.
  21. Fade Cold Snap kills tracker
    • Kills trackers work the same way as wins trackers, but they display a player’s number of kills with the corresponding legend rather than the number of wins.
  22. Mission card
  23. 20 Flux currency
  24. Lifeline Cold Snap kills tracker
  25. Two Loba fragments
  26. Mission card
  27. 20 Flux currency
  28. Wraith Cold Snap kills tracker
  29. Mission card
  30. Frigid G7 Scout skin
    • This rare skin paints the familiar G7 in icy blues and whites, making it look as though it’s already frozen.
  31. Mirage Cold Snap wins tracker
  32. Bangalore Cold Snap kills tracker
  33. Mission card
  34. Bloodhound Cold Snap kills tracker
  35. Bangalore Stocked and Loaded banner frame
    • This epic banner frame combines the cold geometry of ice with the bullets that Bangalore is known for.
  36. Bangalore Cold Snap damage tracker
    • Damage trackers display how much damage a player has dealt with that particular legend during a season or event.
  37. Common Apex pack
    • Apex packs are loot boxes that, when opened, grant a variety of random in-game items to the player.
  38. Lifeline Cold Snap damage tracker
  39. Mission card
  40. Fade Cold Snap damage tracker
  41. 20 Flux currency
  42. Mirage Cold Snap kills tracker
  43. Mission card
  44. Bloodhound Cold Snap damage tracker
  45. Lifeline holospray
    • This rare holospray features Lifeline repairing her D.O.C. drone alongside the phrase, “Patch ’em up!”
  46. Wraith Cold Snap damage tracker
  47. Common Apex pack
  48. 20 Flux coins
  49. Mirage Cold Snap damage tracker
  50. Caustic Frozen Specimen skin
    • This cold yet creepy epic skin flashes with animated ice crystals and tinges the ends of Caustic’s hair blue, presumably from frostbite.

Battle pass plus

  1. Bloodhound Snow Prints skin/Cold Coverage Devotion skin
    • This legendary skin gives Bloodhound fresh blue fur and a variety of bird feathers, both of which make them look fierce in the snow.
    • This legendary Devotion skin calls to mind the Absolute Zero Triple Take skin from Apex Legends. Its gauzy drapery and snow-splattered body make it look well-worn.
  2. 50 Syndicate Gold currency
    • Syndicate Gold is Apex Legends Mobile‘s premium currency. It can also be purchased on the main menu.
  3. Caustic Cold Snap wins tracker
  4. 50 Syndicate Gold currency
  5. Frost Barrier Bloodhound banner frame
    • This epic banner frame displays Bloodhound’s legendary axe stuck in a block of ice and depicts faithful Artur in the background.
  6. Mission card
  7. Snowflake weapon charm
    • This rare charm is one of the more majestic battle pass items thanks to its intricate blue detailing.
  8. Caustic Cold Snap kills tracker
  9. 50 Syndicate Gold currency
  10. Havoc Snow Glare skin
    • Like many of the battle pass’ other weapon skins, this rare skin paints the Havoc in blue, white, and arctic camo.
  11. Caustic Cold Snap damage tracker
  12. Bloodhound holospray
    • This rare holospray depicts Bloodhound and their bird Artur with the text “We rise.”
  13. 50 Syndicate Gold currency
  14. Gibraltar Cold Snap wins tracker
  15. Octane Split Take emote
    • This epic emote sees Octane tossing down one of his signature jump pads and performing a mid-air split, likely to the delight of his viewers.
  16. 50 Syndicate Gold currency
  17. Octane Screamin’ Speed banner frame
    • This epic banner frame includes several emoji-like Octane heads flying out in front of the speed demon himself as he runs away from a mountain.
  18. Gibraltar Cold Snap kills tracker
  19. 50 Syndicate Gold currency
  20. Octane Without A Paddle skydive emote
    • This epic emote sees Octane attempt to use one of his legs to steer an imaginary ship as he falls from the dropship.
  21. Mission card
  22. Gibraltar Cold Snap damage tracker
  23. 50 Syndicate Gold currency
  24. Mission card
  25. Caustic Catastrophic Ending banner frame
    • This epic banner frame features the explosion of World’s Edge’s The Epicenter in the background alongside a blue Nox gas trap.
  26. 50 Syndicate Gold currency
  27. Pathfinder Cold Snap wins tracker
  28. Pathfinder Low Five holospray
    • This rare holospray features a sad Pathfinder holding his hand up in front of the text, “Low five.”
  29. 50 Syndicate Gold currency
  30. Bangalore Winter Ghillie skin
    • This legendary skin trades Bangalore’s warm-weather attire for frozen armor and plenty of layers along with night-vision goggles and a white hood.
  31. Mission card
  32. Octane Cold Snap wins tracker
  33. 50 Syndicate Gold currency
  34. Pathfinder Cold Snap kills tracker
  35. Wraith Night’s Chill skin
    • This rare skin turns Wraith’s hair blue with cold and recolors her armor with wintry flair.
  36. Octane Cold Snap kills tracker
  37. 20 Flux currency
  38. 50 Syndicate Gold currency
  39. Mission card
  40. R-301 The Frozen One skin
    • This epic weapon skin features animated white arrows pointing toward the barrel. You’ll never forget which end is the dangerous one.
  41. 50 Syndicate Gold currency
  42. 20 Flux currency
  43. 50 Syndicate Gold currency
  44. Octane Cold Snap damage tracker
  45. Bloodhound Call of the Wild emote
    • This epic emote sees Bloodhound calling Artur, who wheels around them in the background before flying offscreen and ignoring them entirely. An amused Bloodhound slaps their knee before returning to battle.
  46. 50 Syndicate Gold currency
  47. Pathfinder Cold Snap damage tracker
  48. 20 Flux currency
  49. 100 Syndicate Gold currency
  50. Octane Ice Climber skin/Evening Snow EVA-8 skin
    • This eternal legend skin gives Octane night vision goggles similar to Bangalore’s and decks the speedster out in animated blue pipes with white armor on top.
    • This legendary skin depicts fresh snowflakes falling from the gun’s gray top to its blue and lavender handle and magazine.

Players who want even more from the battle pass can purchase the premium plus pass, which also unlocks a season-exclusive avatar frame and instantly grants 10 levels toward the battle pass.