Eerie gun skins leaked for upcoming Apex Legends Halloween event


Image via Respawn Entertainment

When it comes to all the upcoming Halloween content in Apex Legends, it’s love at first bite. One Apex fan gave players a first look of all of the hauntingly-beautiful weapon skins that may debut in the battle royale’s Halloween event.

A picture posted on the fan’s Twitter today reveals potential cosmetics for the Havoc, Alternator, Wingman, Prowler, and a light machine gun (LMG).

Each gun has a specific theme that seems to coincide with the upcoming Halloween-themed legend skins leaked earlier this week.

The Wingman pistol, for example, showcases a green-haired clown blowing fire out of his mouth. The new Caustic skin puts the Toxic Trapper in a clown outfit with a bright-green wig.

A scarecrow Alternator skin, complete with patches, stitches, and frays, also matches the new Bloodhound skin. And a gold, red, and black vampire LMG skin matches Crypto’s Count Dracula costume.

Also featured in the picture are spooky weapon charms to decorate your favorite gun. Fans can opt for the Nessy charm, which puts a white blanket over the Loch Ness monster, or the jack-o’-lantern and witch hat charms.

A giant arachnid is hidden in the background of the photograph. This may tease a new game mode coming with the event that would transform players into “Shadow Squad” after they fall in combat.

Although Respawn hasn’t confirmed any of this information, October in the Outlands is shaping up to be fang-tastic.