Dr Disrespect may be done with Apex Legends

The Doc claims to never want to play the game again.

Screengrab via DrDisrespect

Dr Disrespect is known for his emotional outbursts and strong opinions. He has a rocky history with Apex Legends specifically and has even gone as far as uninstalling the game in the past. The doc gave Apex another try in a recent stream—but then said he’ll most likely never play the game again.

The Doc said that he has no interest in Apex Legends at this point and only played it when it was new and fresh. He doesn’t like the gun mechanics and how enemies cannot be eliminated with a well-placed headshot.

“Now that I know what every single fight is like and you can’t hit the big shot, the one shot, I’ve never fucking gravitated to this game.” The Doc said. “I guarantee this ladies and gentlemen, I probably will never ever this game again, ever, after today.”

Dr Disrespect does not typically like games that involve armor or shield mechanics that require a lot of damage to be done. He has raged while playing Overwatch several times and doesn’t like how he can’t eliminate enemies on his own—and how every character can hide behind a shield. The armor system in Apex Legends also allows enemies to absorb a lot of damage, so it’s not a surprise that Doc isn’t the biggest fan.

It isn’t confirmed that Dr Disrespect will be walking away from Apex Legends forever. He has made outrageous claims in that past that were just his emotions speaking in the moment. Fans will have to wait and see if he will ever return to the popular battle royale.