Crypto receives another message from his foster sister Mila in hidden Apex lore

The second secret message is hidden inside a different bunker.

Screengrab via PlayApex

Apex Legends’ mysterious hacker is getting more lore. The newly-opened loot bunker in Kings Canyon contains another message to Crypto from his foster sister Mila, who was presumed dead until the Lost Treasures event trailer showed otherwise.

In the video, Mila recounts what the Syndicate did to her after the abduction as a follow-up to last week’s teaser.

“They threw me in a room,” she said. “They questioned me. Wanted to know about the algorithm. How we found it. Then they wanted to know about you. You got away… and really pissed them off. I didn’t tell them anything. So, they said they were gonna move me to a secure location.”

The latest video is the second out of a series of three, which means that players can expect another coded message next week after the final vault opens. In the first broadcast, Mila told Crypto that the Syndicate caught up with her, and that she thought the organization had killed Crypto.

Crypto’s foster sister is one of the key parts of his backstory. Before becoming the deadliest hacker in the Apex Games, Tae Joon Park worked alongside Mila, designing drones for the Syndicate. The duo stumbled upon a hidden betting algorithm, one of the Syndicate’s sources of income, and the organization chased them.

Mila disappeared, but Tae Joon got away. A wanted man, he adopted the new identity of Crypto and hacked his way into the Apex Games to expose the Syndicate and get justice for Mila’s death — or so he thought. Respawn revealed that she was alive during the Lost Treasures event trailer last month, which opens up a significant story arc for the characters.

To access the messages, players must use Crypto’s drone to look for a secret room in the loot bunkers spread across Kings Canyon and interact with the computer. The bunkers near Bridges and Artillery/Capacitor each have a broadcast, but Mila’s final video will likely appear near Containment next week.

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