Apex Legends update has patched bunny hop healing

No more moving fast while using a healing item

Shroud on Octane and Wattson
Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players who thought bunny-hop healing was a feature are sure disappointed now.

Yesterday’s 1.2 game update calls this technique an “exploit” and says it’s now fixed, which means players should no longer be able to heal, jump, and move all at the same time in their Apex matches.

Bunny-hopping allowed players to move faster while using any recovery item, regardless of whether they recovered health or shields. All they had to do was move horizontally while jumping nonstop to bypass the slow movement effect that Apex characters get while using healing items. In a pinch, such as when you’re outside the ring taking damage, this strategy was useful so that you could heal while moving fast toward the safe zone.

Star streamer Michael “shroud” Grzesiek, who streams Apex Legends often, said two months ago that bunny-hopping was a great feature the game had.

“If this game gets rid of bunny-hop healing, I don’t know if I could play it,” Shroud said. “It’s such a good feature. I’m praying the devs don’t.”

Now that players can no longer do it, the only alternative they have is moving slowly while healing. Their Legend’s movement speed is reduced, but they can still move without interrupting the use of the item. It shouldn’t be fast enough to help you in critical situations, but it’s better than sitting still.

Bunny-hopping is a feature that’s been available in several games for years. It lets characters move faster than they would in their standard horizontal speed since they’re moving diagonally. Players have to control their character to try to turn the diagonal movement into a straight movement to make it an efficient way of running forward faster.

But that’s no longer possible in Apex Legends. Players must now think of other strategies to heal themselves safely or in a pinch.