Apex Legends 1.2 update and patch notes are now live

Players can now report teammates for disconnecting early.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ 1.2 update is now live across all servers, and the full list of patch notes for today’s patch has been released.

Most notably, today’s patch kicked off Apex Legends’ first two-week event. The Legendary Hunt is now live across all servers and features a series of new missions, experience boosts, and skins for players participating in the action.

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Additionally, the game’s newest queuing system, the Elite Queue, is now available for players across all platforms to test their skills. Those who reach the top five teams in a match will be available to join the queue and will face other players who have accomplished the same feat. The Elite Queue will remain on live servers until July 2—two weeks after the Legendary Hunt wraps up.

With today's patch, loot spawns around Kings Canyon will look a little different. For starters, the Thunderdome has received minor changes to its loot placement. The Pit, on the other hand, will see twice the amount of loot as it did prior to today’s patch. Similarly, Repulsor and Shattered Forest have additional loot spawns added to their areas.

In addition to pinging Jump Towers, players now have the ability to report their teammates for disconnecting from the game early. This feature was first accidentally released with 1.1 Patch in April and punished players for leaving early with a time penalty before joining another game.

As is customary with patch releases, 1.2 released a slew of bug fixes, including one where cloaked Mirage was too noticeable.

For a full list of changes included in the 1.2 Apex Legends update, check out the patch notes on Reddit.

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