All challenges for the Apex Legends’ Legendary Hunt event

Try to place top five a lot.

Image via Respawn

Apex Legends’ limited-time event Legendary Hunt goes live today at 12pm CT.

Fans who were expecting Respawn to release more content for the game will get a ton of new stuff today. The highlights are challenges that will let players unlock exclusive items for their accounts, such as Bloodhound’s new epic skin Master of the Hunt.

There are only a few challenges, but players will likely have a hard time completing some of them. Respawn made it so they’re increasingly difficult. The harder the challenge, the rarer the cosmetic item players unlock upon finishing it off.

Apex players who want to complete all of the challenges will need to explore the new Elite Queue, which is only enabled only for players who placed top five in their past match. Once you place lower than that, you can no longer queue in it and must finish fifth or better once again to activate it.

Check out the full list of Apex’s Legendary Hunt challenges below, as revealed in advance by DirtyHippee on Reddit.

Finish in the Top 5 in any matchLegendary Hunt Badge
Finish in the Top 5 in an Elite Top 5 matchRare Wolfpack G7 Scout weapon skin
Finish in the Top 5 five times in any queueEpic Master of the Hunt Bloodhound Legend Skin
Win twice in any queueLegendary Tamed Beast Triple Take weapon skin

The only challenge that must be completed in the Elite Queue is the second one, which requires players to be in the Elite Top Five. Other than that, you can play in standard queues to progress through the challenges and earn rewards.

Apex’s Legendary Hunt event ends on June 18 and players will no longer be able to complete these challenges after that date. All items earned during the event will stay in the players’ accounts after the event ends.